Once upon a moonlit night…

Once upon a moolit night, I decided to create this blog, even though I have absolutely  no idea what I want to do with it. None…at all…go figure.  I guess, I’m hoping it will help with a very very bad case of writer’s block, but whether or not it does, I feel like it could be a interesting and new experience, writing online. Most likely it will be as boring as High School required summer reading book selections used to be. I mean really.


Yes, i found that funny.

But, anyway I’m getting off subject on this subject-less opening blog, now where was I…oh yes…well, no wait I lost it again…hmmmmm. Obviously my creative mind seems to have sputtered out for the night, so I suppose we’ll have to wait until morning to figure out what exactly this blog will be doing. (Sigh, I know you’ll all be anxiously waiting, probably with bated breath and nervously chewed fingernails, but settle down…it’s only a blog after all.)


Comments make my day more sparkly!

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