Writing it is then…

As promised, I pondered late into the night (and most of this morning) as to the future and purpose of this blog and came to the (obvious) conclusion that as a writer seeking relief from a rather nasty bout of writer’s block, I should blog about what I know best and love doing…writing.

(Anti-climactic I know, but really, if you hadn’t worked yourselves into a frenzy worrying over my return, you’d have probably seen this coming. Such silliness, really.)

Now, I will put this out there so as to avoid confusion later: in no way am I saying I am the most knowledgeable, best informed or wonderfully talented writer in all of the land. (Gasp! I know, I had you all fooled!) I am simply a woman with way too many opinions and a love of telling stories with heartfelt emotion who wishes to bestow some advice to other young writers while I wait for inspiration to strike. I imagine most of my blogs will sound like raving rants, but they will be well meant (I’m sure.) Also, while I may be a life-long writer, a natural born speller I am not, so forgive me my mistakes that I am sure will come; I’m used to relying on spellcheck and since I am slow to learn on the technological front, I have yet to discover if there is a spellcheck function on this wonderful site.

My first blog/raving rant will be along soon, but as for now I boldly go to discover how in the world to navigate this new and wonderful world…


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