Evening Poetry

This is a haiku in four parts, inspired by the epic Scottish ballad of Tam Lin, a young man destined to die at the hands of the Fae on All Hallows’ Eve (Halloween/Samhain) unless he is rescued by the mortal woman who loves him. If you haven’t heard the story before, look it up! It is gorgeous and so very romantic (depending on what version you’re reading…make sure you find a good version!). I would say more but I can’t bear to give the story away!


Leaves darken to red

the night draws ever closer

soon Tam Lin will ride.


Pluck a rose Janet

draw your lover to your side

a kiss before death.


Hell awaits Tam Lin

chosen of the Fairie Queen —

stand ready to fight.


Pull him from his horse

hold tight—never let him go

he is yours to lose.


I’m unsure of the necessity of the third stanza/haiku — it can be read with or without it — but I left it in for now.

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