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A loving numbness

And bitter, leaching touch,

Seizes air from the lungs

With deft, ice-entombed fingers.


The burning cold beckons and lures,

With words of comfort and promises —

Searing lies — loving but treacherous.


Intoxicating want, whispers sweetly

In dying ears,

Biting flesh with frozen words

As the quickening heartbeat slowly



A glimmering cascade of blue diamonds,

Sparkle fiercely in their facets.

Stay, they sing, fooling the senses,

Stay, lie within the walls of eternity.

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10 thoughts on “Cavern

  1. I like this. I especially liked the lines, “The burning cold beckons and lures,”
    Having grown up with snowy, mountainous areas in close proximity I can definately relate to the sensation of being so cold that it feels as if it burns.
    Beautifully written poem!

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