What A Wonderful Day For A Jane Austen Marathon

I’m in a Jane Austen mood today…I’m thinking movie marathon 😀

Image From Facebook

Image From Facebook

Bring on Mr. Darcy, Colonel Brandon, Captain Frederick Wentworth, Mr. Knightly, and oddly enough Mr. Wickham (Lost in Austen)! I still have to get Mansfield Park and Northanger Abbey to complete my collection though… Do y’all have a favorite Austen novel/movie/character? Mine tends to change depending on what mood I’m in, but there’s always a special place in my heart for Colonel Brandon!

Image From Google

Image From Google

8 thoughts on “What A Wonderful Day For A Jane Austen Marathon

    • Thank you, I thought it was a fun idea 😀 Sometimes you have to just let the mess wait a day, then again there’s always the: I can clean everything really fast and then watch my movies thing that I usually do, lol. 😀

  1. Hey I like that you like the old Colonel Brandon. I liked him so much I married him! He’s not the most popular but he is certainly a man of integrity. Check out my blog, Austen’s Guide to Happiness

  2. Its great to see so many great movies by Jane being produced now. In the past all of the movies made from her writings wer PBS quality prodictions. This moive is great. I came here from a realated post. Your poem and mine were on a web site. I will look around a bit. The blog itself is very beautiful.

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