Big Plans For 2013

Hey everybody, I hope you had awesome holidays and one heck of a good New Year’s! I don’t know about y’all, but this whole holiday break thing still has me a little sluggish on the blog-writing front! I know it’s time to write one but I keep telling myself: later…I’ll write one later… but I guess later has finally arrived. 😀 But anyway, as I hinted in my last post, there will be some new things to look forward to on this blog for 2013 that I hope you will enjoy. Nothing is set in stone yet and titles and general ideas are subject to change at my every whim of course but basically, I plan on having one or two planned pieces every week or every other week (as well as my usual posts of course) including a Movie Monday as well as a Book & Music selection of sorts. As you’ve all probably guessed by now, I’m a music freak and I LOVE discussing my favorite finds, so get ready to talk music people! And movies!

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I also will have a new segment that will appear sporadically –as in whenever I feel inspired to write one – that will be called Unsigned Letters, or something similar to that. Unsigned doesn’t feel exactly right though, because they’re more un-addressed than unsigned but I don’t think un-addressed is actually a word…is it? Either way, these will be letters from me to people I know (be they real or fictional), from character to other characters, and/or whatever else I think of at the moment. I think it sounds both exciting and cathartic at the same time. What do you guy’s think, good idea? I certainly like it!

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Now, all the business aside, let me just say…I SAW THE HOBBIT! Last Saturday my mom, my bestie, and I all went to the theaters and loaded up on buttery popcorn (ick) and cheesy nachos (YUM) and waited gleefully to fall back under the spell of Middle Earth. I didn’t know whether to sigh or squeal when that familiar music first reached my ears! After a bit of a slow start, the movie picked up its pace and I ended up loving it! Watching it felt like coming home again…but to a new and slightly odd family. I missed my favorite characters and I admit it took me a while to truly comprehend that this was a new story and that it wouldn’t be like the others or have the same feel (even though I’ve read the book before so go figure) but overall I enjoyed the movie and the new characters, and I can’t wait to see where the story goes from here! There was this funny moment though somewhere in the first thirty minutes where the movie got really really quiet and I randomly heard the beginning of One Day More from Les Miserables (which I guess was playing in the theater next to ours and which I will be going to see hopefully this Saturday!) and I almost jumped out of my seat because 1) I wasn’t sure if anyone else heard it or of it was just me (and if it was just me, what did that mean exactly…?) And 2) I hate having movies spoiled before I’ve seen them (even if I know what’s going to happen already) and I was worried it would ruin the movie for me somehow. Yes, I’m weird like that 😛 But thankfully, it didn’t spoil anything and my best friend leaned over after a second and whispered “Do you hear that?!” which reassured me that I was not hearing things!

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So what about y’all, anything new and exciting in the works for your blogs? Any awesome holiday stories to share? And have you seen the Hobbit yet and if so, what did you think?

9 thoughts on “Big Plans For 2013

      • I’m hopeful as well. I am about 90% certain that the next two movies will be awesome. I think the producers would be scared of the legions of angry geeks and nerds if they aren’t…think about it.

        I just don’t know, I sort of hoped it would be one movie. I would have liked to seen it as a cohesive whole. Though, I won’t complain too loudly, because they did do an excellent job. I enjoyed the bits of Radagast the Brown they pulled in. I sort of want to try the Silmarillion again. Hopefully I didn’t give away my copy during the move…hmmm. I miss having my books on shelves; boxes just don’t provide the same easy access. 😉

      • I thought Radagast and his sled were adorable! And yeah, I think they’ll do their best to try not to disappoint the horde of LOTR fans, lol. And having my books in boxes always kinda breaks my heart, because sometimes, I just like to sit and stare happily at my bookshelves 😀

      • The sled was rocking. I don’t want to know what the stuff was down his face. But the actor who played him did it really well. 😀

        And yes! I have some books out of boxes because they are in the to be read pile. But 90% of my collection is in boxes due to circumstances beyond my control. Sigh.

  1. I heard the Hobbit was longish. And I too and not pleased they’re taking 1 book and splitting it into 3 movies. It made sense for LOTR, but this…

  2. Wow! You have a lot planned this year blog wise. I look forward to it. I had to skip your section on the Hobbit…haven’t seen it yet and don’t wanna spoil it.

    • Haha, I tried to make sure I didn’t give anything away, just my general opinion on the the movie itself, but I don’t blame you for skipping it, I’d probably do the same lol. And yeah, I want my blog to grow a bit in this new year, branch out and try different things 😀

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