Monday Movie: The Pirate Movie

Hello my lovelies, welcome to my first ever movie recommendation/review post thingy! I plan on writing a new movie post every other Monday, so be prepared to talk scenes, lines, random memories and whatever else we can think of, lol! So here we go, I’m pumped, I’m excited, I’m…exhausted, I got up early to write this post and now my brain is somewhat foggy. 😀

For my first movie recommendation I was torn on what movie to actually start off with, I wanted something that would give you the right impression of who I am really, but then I wondered what the “right” impression was? Did I want something deep and meaningful to demonstrate how mature and intelligent I am, something snarky that would prove I’m above pop culture (which I hate to say, I’m not), or something dramatic and lovey-dovey since I’m a self-proclaimed romantic? There are so many options out there and so many conflicting sides of my personality that in all honesty I wasn’t sure what to go with. And I’m not going to lie, I wanted a great movie that would you know… spark conversation and make people think well of me. But the truth is, I’m goofy as hell most of the time, though most people wouldn’t know it considering I’m also serious and quite proud unfortunately and that pride tends to negate the goofy when I’m around people I’m not fully comfortable with – which is most people lol. So in honor of that side of me that doesn’t get seen as often as it should, I chose one of my old favorites, and it’s about as wacky as they come: The Pirate Movie!

Image From Google

Image From Google

Yes that’s the title, don’t worry, it confuses everyone whenever I mention it and then everyone starts trying to guess what pirate movie I’m trying to think of, but I assure you, it’s called The Pirate Movie. A classic 80’s play off of The Pirates of Penzance, starring Kristy McNichol and Christopher Atkins, The Pirate Movie is part musical, part dream, and 100 percent comedy fun! Filled with snarky lines (“Well run. For God’s sake run!”), laughable and adorable characters, and over the top sexual innuendos (that I didn’t fully understand when I was younger, and I have a horrible feeling I still don’t fully understand), this movie has it all…or does if you’re in the right mood. Note: if you’re in the mood for something meaningful or dramatic I advise skipping this one until you’re ready to laugh your ass off at one of the stupidest, funniest things you’ll ever watch.

From the Pirate King’s bedazzled codpiece and his near constant sexual word-play, to Frederic’s adorable inexperience with woman and all-encompassing belief in honor, to Mabel’s sharp wit and hilarious comebacks, and a rather questionable Major-General, the characters in The Pirate Movie are wonderfully over the top. And for those who can’t handle a movie unless there’s something to sing along to, have no fear, there are five or six delightful songs that will have you singing to yourself for days (I know because I watched this again last Friday and I’m still humming some of the songs this morning, lol). And I imagine some of you are waiting for me to go ahead and tell you what it’s about, but I figured The Pirates of Penzance bit already gave it away earlier (did your elementary/middle school not make you see the play as a child?). But if you still need me to sum it up, here you go: awkward girl meets handsome boy (dressed a pirate, it’s his job), boy invites girl and her sisters on a boating trip, sisters are b*tches, girl refuses to be left behind after said sister’s interfere, girl pursues boy and her sisters into a storm, nearly drowns and washes up on a beach where she then proceeds to dream her life in Pirates of Penzance fashion. Hmm, I wasn’t sure I’d be able to do that, I’m not the best at summarizing lol.

Image From Google

Image From Google

This movie holds a special place in my heart. My dad and I watched it together when I was home one day during high school (I wasn’t skipping, I assure you) and since we’re pretty much the same type of person when it comes to comedies (we’re the type who laugh REALLY LOUDLY, and who will start laughing randomly at something we found funny ten minutes before because we thought of it again and it’s still funny), we both laughed like crazy and it was a great afternoon. It sounds silly, but I just associate this movie with a happy memory, so to me, this movie is priceless.

So all in all, I adore this movie. It’s cute, it’s hilarious, and it has fun songs…what else could you ask for? I mean really, the Pirate King has a sparkly crotch the entire movie, IF nothing else, THAT is sufficiently hilarious! (I tried to find a photo of this but unfortunately, I can’t. Instead I offer you this video, enjoy!) Have you guy’s seen this awesome movie, and if so what did you think? I think it’s one of those that you either really love or really hate, so which was it for you? Any favorite lines or scenes? (My favorite bit is where she is in the suit of armor but I can’t find the clip on youtube, lol.)

6 thoughts on “Monday Movie: The Pirate Movie

  1. I take it this movie is rated arrr? Heh heh…sorry, couldn’t resist. 😉 Looks like a cute movie – thanks for the tip!

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