A Little Visit To Downton Abbey

Hello my lovelies, I hope you’ve enjoyed the poetry the last few days! In case you missed it, the First Letter in the Unsigned Letters series was posted yesterday, and if you have any questions as to what exactly the whole deal is about, just click here. 😀

This is going to be a rather short post (as I need to start packing in order to go visit family this weekend) but I didn’t want to leave you without a happy Friday post to get y’all by until I get back on Monday! So I had to think for a moment, what makes me happy? And it took all of a nanosecond for the high-pitched voice inside my head to start shrieking: DOWNTON ABBEY…DOWNTON ABBEY MAKES ME HAPPY! So there we have it. Now since this has to be a “short” blog, I won’t gush too much (I’ll save that for another post), I’ll merely say this: I LOVE DOWNTON ABBEY!

Image From Google

Image From Google

Just hearing the Theme song makes me feel all happy and serene! That’s sad, but true 😀 What about y’all, are you Downton fans? Who’s your favorite character and what has been your favorite part so far? If you’ve seen all of season three, please don’t give anything away that happens after the third episode, they haven’t aired here yet! Thanks!

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10 thoughts on “A Little Visit To Downton Abbey

  1. Yes don’t give away season three! I too love Downton Abbey and can’t wait for the next season. I like Grandmama the best, her one liners are hilarious not to mention her facial expressions!

    • AHHH! You’re so missing out! It’s glorious, really, it’s well written and well acted and just utter perfection! And if you’re like me and you just refuse to like things because of all the hype, this is one time to just break down and give in, because Downton is amazing 😀

    • YES! Just watching one episode had me hooked and it was the end of season two and I had no idea what was going on and who the people were but I fell in love anyway. And that’s big for me, because I usually refuse to watch anything that I haven’t seen the beginning of, but just that one episode led to me buying the first two seasons and now waiting for next week so I can buy the third! 😀

    • Sorry to have kept your comment from being posted for so long, but I didn’t want anything mentioned about the finale until it had aired, just for spoiler reasons, lol. But yes…it was incredibly sad, I think my heart broke watching it! 😀

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