Monday Movie: Sliding Doors

Hello my lovelies, it’s that time again for our next Movie Monday and this week I chose one of my all-time favorites: Sliding Doors, starring Gwyneth Paltrow, John Hannah, and John Lynch. I discovered this cinematic gem at a friend’s sixteenth birthday party like seven or eight years ago and instantly fell in love with its bittersweet romantic story. This led to the long, arduous search to find and own the DVD for myself (which I finally found in Target last year). It has since become a staple in my romantic movie marathon selections. Now I admit, I was reluctant to watch this film at first considering no one could really give me a description that made any sense at the time (having not seen the movie) or sounded any good anyway, but considering it was not my party, I promptly sat down and expected to be bored out of my mind. Thankfully that was not the case. Sliding Doors has everything I like in a movie: great characters, good/original plot, humor, romance, deception, a dash of paranormal (?) drama, an awesome soundtrack, and it’s set in London! I mean really what more could you ask for?!

Image From Google

Image From Google

Now having already said that none of my friends could give me a good description of the movie (for fear of giving away the plot), I am now faced with the same dilemma. How on earth am I going to sell you guys on a movie that is somewhat hard to describe without giving certain things away? Well, that’s just it, I can’t…I’m going to have to tell you a bit about it, although in all honesty I think I’m just making it a lot easier on you when you go to watch the movie yourself. So, spoilers ahead! If you want to be 100 % surprised and probably a bit confused when you watch the movie, skip the next paragraph!

Sliding Doors explores the wonders of life’s biggest question: What if? What if London PR agent Helen (Gwyneth Paltrow) caught the train that was to take her home early? What if she didn’t? How different would life be by simply being seconds too late to catch the train home? Enter the magic of Sliding Doors, as we follow two separate Helen’s in parallel universes who by catching and not catching the train end up with two very different (although strangely similar) lives.  In one life there’s the man she loves and has been with for years, and in the other there is a stranger who could quite possibly be the man of her dreams. A film filled with the pains and joys of love, betrayal, and truth, Sliding Doors is a comfort to those who think they’ve missed the train in their life. Remember: no matter what, fate finds a way!

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Image From Google

Now I hope I didn’t give too much away for you guys, but I do hope you check out Sliding Doors! And if you do, let me know what you thought. And for those who have already seen it, what did you think, did you like this quirky romance or was it not your cup of tea? And while Gwyneth has always been a favorite actress of mine (Shakespeare in Love!), I was pleasantly surprised to discover that John Hannah made a great leading man, as before this movie, he was always goofy Jonathon from the Mummy films in my  mind. And although I love that character, it made it really hard for me to think of him as a leading man in a romantic film…until I watched Sliding Doors that is! Was it the same for you guys?


12 thoughts on “Monday Movie: Sliding Doors

  1. I love Sliding Doors! And yeah, it certainly proved that charm goes a long way for a guy. I always thought John Hannah was a bit odd looking, but somehow that all disappears in this film. I can’t believe you hadn’t seen Sliding Doors before. They even make brief reference to it on Psych (as a movie Gus loves, of course!). I think Helen’s BFF too is an awesome character.

    • Yeah, I thought her friend was great, she’s like the sweetest bestie. But I don’t watch Psych, never have, so I never heard the reference and I was only nine when the movie came out, so I doubt I would have liked it as much then as I do now lol. And John Hannah is so loveably adorable in this movie, James is like the perfect guy 😀

      • Never watched Psych? Girl, you’re missing out! It’s only one of the best shows ever! No seriously, I heart Psych in a major way.

      • I’ve seen the commercials and they usually look funny, but I don’t watch crime-dramas, they tend to bore me. After a while, they just keep repeating the same stories, and I’m more of a romance/comedy person anyway 😀

      • Think of it as more of a crime-dramedy. I don’t watch it for the crime, I watch it for the funny. It’s about as far from CSI as you can get. I think you should give it a couple episodes. And there’s still romance. The BFF and I watch it because the two BFFs on the show, Shawn and Gus remind us a lot of ourselves. We’re a bit wacky and know each other probably too well. 😉

  2. This movie sounds fascinating, I’ll be looking for a copy to watch in the near future! I hope the library has a copy of it to borrow! And I love Gwyneth Paltrow, she’s been great as Pepper Potts in The Avengers saga. I’ll love seeing her in a different role!


  3. I was the same reluctant watcher but really fell in love with this movie. I hadn’t seen it since the first time and finally got a copy of it for Christmas this year. John Hannah is great and the ending, I just cry buckets.

  4. Kati and I watched this movie years ago with one of my friends and her roommate. Her roommate spent a good ten minutes explaining the plot to us before starting the movie, convinced we wouldn’t understand that the two versions of Gwyneth Paltrow were the same person, just in alternate story-lines. It was a little annoying, but totally worth it because once the movie started, Kati was like, “woah, is that her twin?” and my friend’s roommate got all flustered and launched into her explanations again, not realizing that yes, we got it and Kati was just messing with her. Ahh, memories. 😉 Still, we both loved the movie. Good choice!

    • Hilarious, and thanks, I thought it was a good pick! My friends just kept telling me: “It’s about a woman catching a train” and I was like “oh joy, when did catching trains become interesting?” But I loved it, and it”s not a difficult movie to understand, but it is a weird one to explain, lol. 😀

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