Monday Movie: The Young Victoria

Hello my lovelies, it’s time once again for Monday Movies and this week I’ve chosen the incredibly moving and cinematically beautiful gem: The Young Victoria, starring the beautiful Emily Blunt, Rupert Friend, and Paul Bettany. The film showcases the early struggles of Britain’s longest reigning monarch, from her youth as a overprotected and stifled young woman, to the dangers of her first turbulent years and Queen, as well as the touching romance with her husband Prince Albert. With its dazzling mix of danger, power struggles, court intrigue, political unrest, romance, and above all: life — the realism of beauty, frustrations, and pain of life — The Young Victoria is nothing short of sheer perfection!

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Emily Blunt’s portrayal of a young and newly empowered young woman is stunning, she adds layer after convincing layer of realism to a woman who inspired an entire era. She artfully displays the impetuousness of youth, the joy of freedom, the fear of being forced back into smothering silence, and the strength it takes to put aside one’s doubts for the betterment of not only oneself but multitudes of others. There were moments where I cheered for her, I sighed and understood how she felt, and moments where I wanted to shake some sense into her. But I think that’s what makes Emily Blunt’s Victoria so realistic; she shows the audience the good and the foolish, and you can’t help but think that the real Victoria was all the wiser for the mistakes she made in her youth.

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But not to be upstaged or forgotten, Rupert Friend is absolutely perfect as Price Albert! Imagine having to court a woman who holds all the power in the relationship and who could squish your heart beneath her boot if she wants. Kudos to Albert for being as patient and sweet with her as he was, maybe there’s hope for the existence of real gentleman out there after all! I think his shyness and desire to help improve the lives of others just makes him that much more endearing, even though he occasionally steps on Victoria’s toes in the process.  Rupert Friend’s portrayal of a man struggling to find his role in a relationship and a country where he has no real influence or power is heartfelt and just downright moving. And I love that after a while, he starts to stand up for himself!

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Not only is the story itself compelling and the acting superb, but the cinematography is simply breathtaking! There are many moments in the film where I find myself lost in the magnificence of it all, thinking, that’s just so beautiful! From gorgeous landscapes, to palaces and gown after luscious gown, there is plenty to adore in this dazzling film. After only one viewing, this movie became one of my most treasured and loved DVDs and every time I watch it I’m left inspired and awestruck by the life of this amazing woman and the man who always stood beside her and played the game with her, not for her (Movie Line Reference!).

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So what do you think my lovelies? Have you seen the film, and if so, what did you think? Is there any scene you loved in particular? (I loved when Albert learned to dance, and the scene with their two desks!)

9 thoughts on “Monday Movie: The Young Victoria

  1. You had me at “sheer perfection.” 😉 I’ll have to check this one out – can’t believe I’ve never seen it!

    Oh, and this is slightly unrelated but after hearing all your praise of Downton Abbey I finally decided to give it a try…I watched the first four episodes in a single day. I can already tell it’s going to take over my life…I blame you for any lack of productivity that results. ; p

    • Great! It came out in 2009 I think, but I grabbed it a year or two later and it is just lovely, I hope you enjoy it!

      And YAY, I’m so happy you gave Downton a try and that you liked it! I’m sorry if it slows your productivity down for a while, but believe me it’s worth it! There’s just a freshness about the show that makes it so delightful! 😀

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