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Happy Valentine’s Day my lovelies! I hope you’re having a deliriously happy, chocolate & roses & sappy movies-filled day — whether you’re in a relationship or not (it’s the latter for me this year). Today is the day to celebrate LOVE, so in honor of today I’ve compiled a list of a few of my all-time favorite fictional men who I just LOVE to love! Now to be fair I’ve excluded characters from my own novel and works in progresses, otherwise the list would be very, very biased. I’ve also eliminated all of the classical romantic heroes that we sigh over repeatedly, I mean really, we all know Lizzy Bennet is a lucky b*tch… And because I have a tendency to love multiple books and characters written by the same author, I only picked one character per author, so there’d be a bit more variety 😀

So with that all in mind, here we go!

My List of Favorite Fictional Men Who I Just LOVE To Love:

1)       Nawat Crow – From Tamora Pierce’s Tricksters Series, Nawat may be the perfect man…well man/crow but still: HE KNOWS THE IMPORTANCE OF SPARKLIES. And that knowledge can’t be underrated! And besides, he’s sweet as all get out and charming and I just love him! So really…need I say more?

2)      Hugh of Harrowfield (aka Red) – From Juliet Marillier’s Daughter of the Forest, Red is the perfect example of an honorable gentleman. He’s daring and family-oriented and simply a nice guy. And honestly, he gives me hope that there really are great men out there just waiting to be found!

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3)      Cain Mac Cionaoith – From Nora Robert’s The Circle Trilogy, Cian is downright one of the sexiest vampire’s I have ever read about. He plays the bad boy so well, but underneath that rough facade  he’s a protective sweetheart (who I wouldn’t mind being trapped alone with on a dark and spooky night)! And if that’s not enough to get your attention ladies, he’s also Irish! And he owns a castle in Ireland!

4)      Kartik – From Libba Bray’s Gemma Doyle Trilogy, Kartik is just sexy as hell my lovelies, plain and simple. He’s youthfully arrogant and constantly mysterious, yet so caring and protective once he realizes he’s fallen in love. His devotion and willingness to sacrifice his own life for those he loves just takes my breath away every time!

5)      Peeta Mellark – From Suzanne Collin’s The Hunger Games Trilogy, Peeta may be the sweetest boy ever. I know there’s a whole “teams” battle between fans over him and Gale, but when it comes down to it, Peeta’s ability to love so strongly after everything he went through is just amazing. I know they say nice guys don’t win, but he definitely wins in my heart!

6)      Muller Dawnfield – From Catherine Asaro’s The Charmed Sphere, Muller is one of the first men from the fantasy genre that I fell head-over-heels (or sneakers, if we’re being realistic here) for. Muller’s not a tortured–soul per se, but he does have his own issues that he deals with that tugs at my heartstrings. But with the love of his life at his side, he slowly learns how to be comfortable with himself and not fear the power that resides within him. There’s just something special about Muller and Chime’s love story that has stayed with me for almost ten years!

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7)      Ian O’Shea – From Stephenie Meyer’s The Host, Ian is one of those characters I didn’t expect to like, especially after how he was introduced to the reader. But after finishing the story I found myself loving him for the caring, open-minded soul that he turned out to be (and yes, for those who read the book, the pun is intended!) I guess in the big picture it’s easy to understand why he reacts the way he does at first (I’m trying not to give spoilers away here), but I enjoyed seeing the change in his character over the course in the story, especially considering it doesn’t happen overnight, which makes it more realistic in my opinion.

8)      The Beast – From Robin McKinley’s Beauty: A Retelling of the Story of Beauty and the Beast, the unnamed Beast easily stole my heart. He’s thoughtful, shy, and sadly cursed. Maybe it’s just my love of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast, but I love returning to that beautiful castle in the woods and reading his story over and over again!

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9)      Owen Armstrong – From Sarah Dessen’s Just Listen, Owen is a muscled, misunderstood, and (mostly) reformed hot-head who likes knowing his choices in life. He only speaks the truth (no matter what) and finds solace in unusual music as well as his new friendship with Annabel Greene. To me he seems so secure and…safe, and I’m a sucker for a man who know how to treat a woman!

10)   Christoff Langford (aka Kit) – From Shana Abe’s The Smoke Thief, Kit is the self-assured Marquess of Langford in England, who conceals one hell of a secret: he and his people are drakon (dragons) and he’s not just the Marquess, he’s the alpha! Kit’s overwhelming self-confidence as well as his more…dangerous nature, just makes my heart race! And considering I’m not one for domineering men, I’m willing to make an exception for Kit 😉

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So there you have it ladies and gentleman, a sampling of my favorite fictional men that I just LOVE to love! What do y’all think, do you agree with my choices? Have I left anyone out that you think I should know about? I hope I’ve inspired you to check some of these scrumptious characters for yourselves! Have a Happy Valentine’s Day!

*Note: I previously tried to post this twice as “Fictional Men I LOVE To Love” but it wasn’t publishing right, so I renamed it, and it’s working!

10 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day Men

    • I don’t completely dislike Gale, but he has too much anger in him, for me anyway and I think for Katniss as well. He’s a sweet guy don’t get me wrong, but personally I need someone calmer and I just immediately loved Peeta’s attitude and his heart. Gale’s not the type of guy I think anyone could be happy with long term because he will never be happy with anything in life, he’ll never focus completely on a partner, there will anyways be something upsetting him that he feels he has to fix. Love will never be enough for him, and I think love is enough for Peeta. 😀

  1. There are a couple of books you mentioned that I haven’t read yet, but I want to check them out for their covers alone. 🙂

    Fictional crushes: Numair from the Wild Magic series, and Meirelon from Patricia Wrede’s series. Although I will confess that I have an unhealthy attraction to Jean-Claud from the Anita Blake series.

    I would go with Peeta any day over Gail. Nice guys are so much better than moody guys. The bad boy image can be hot, but Gail felt more moody than bad boy to me.

    • I agree about Gale, and I haven’t read those last two books you mentioned but I ADORE Numair! The only reason he wasn’t on my list was because Nawat was and I didn’t want multiple characters from the same authors. But Numair did steal my heart!

      Which book covers did you find intriguing? I personally love the Asaro one, it’s so beautiful and her writing is spectacular. And the series that book is from is one of the best I’ve ever read! 😀

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