Unsigned Letters: Volume 1 Letter 4

Dear —–

MY Raven girl,

You never saw me,

But you wear my mark

So Beautiful.

It will burn into your flesh

Long after he’s dead.

And there is nothing…nothing

You can do about it.


(Ashes) WIP

*Ashes is a novel in the same series as my first novel Believe

Image From Google

Image From Google

And here’s a beautiful song by Mumford & Sons that I think really suits this character. When it gets to the “Crawl” bit, in my mind, that would be the other person (the letter recipient) responding…I hope this all makes sense, lol! And warning: there is some cursing in this song, so if that bothers you…I apologize 😀

6 thoughts on “Unsigned Letters: Volume 1 Letter 4

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