Moving Day!

Hello my lovelies, I just wanted to let you know that the day I’ve been preparing for for the past month has arrived. What day is that you might ask…none other than MOVING DAY! Yep, all those lovely boxes I’ve carefully packed with memories and things I just can’t throw away are being loaded up and moved! *Happy Dance* So that means that I may not post for a while — perhaps a week or so — because you know, now that the moving has commenced, the time to UNPACK is almost upon us. And I don’t know if the internet is up yet at the new place… But have no fear and try not to languish in your misery at my absence (you know I love you guys), I shall return as quickly as possible and normal posts will resume once everything is settled. I may try to post one last thing later on if I have the time, but if not, I’ll save it and share it later 😀

And so I leave you all with a pretty picture to distract you from my absence (which for all I know might only be a day or two hopefully):

Image From Facebook

Image From Facebook


And one more because I just think it’s cute:

Image From Facebook

Image From Facebook


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