Sexy Dwarves and Shadowhunters!

Hello again my lovelies, I told you I’d post a “real” post later today and TADA: here it is! It’s been almost a whole year since we’ve chatted and I sat here wondering what my first post back should be about and I came to the conclusion that in true Moonstonemaiden fashion, a good list is in order. Y’all know how much I love a good list! (And for those of you who are new to the blog, let me let you in on a little secret…I LOVE lists!) So here’s a quick little list of things that I love and will probably blog about again later on this year — I’m so excited 😀

1) The Desolation of Smaug released in December 2013 and I have officially fallen in love with the sexy dwarf Fili! His romance with the She-Elf Tauriel made me go all teary-eyed and added the perfect dash of romance to what I thought was an awesome adventure flick.

Image From Google

Image From Google

2) I discovered the awesomeness that is Cassandra Clare’s Mortal Instruments series and have since fallen completely in love with Jace and his sexy Shadowhunter self! I admit, I saw the movie before I started the series and I love the film, but the books have completely stolen my heart! I nearly fell out of my seat when the plot twist struck in the movie and needless to say, I promptly bought the books. Sadly, I have to wait until May to read the final novel…

Image From Google

Image From Google

3) 2013 was a year of reconnection for me. From family to close friends that I haven’t spoken to for years (for whatever reason) I am pleased to say that I gave things another try, and so far I’m thrilled with the results 😀

4) After seven years with my old, faithful laptop, I am pleased to announce that I have finally gotten a new computer and cannot wait to fill it with hundreds of stories, novels, pictures, songs, and everything that makes me who I am!

5) I discovered the song Let It Go sung by the incredible Idina Menzel from Disney’s Frozen and it had become my new theme song in life! I still haven’t seen the movie yet, but I will — and I’ll probably know the entire song by heart by the time I go to the theaters lol 😀

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Image From Google

So what about you guys, any things you love and can’t wait to blog about? Any new books, movies, or songs that you’ve fallen in love with? Let me know! 😀



6 thoughts on “Sexy Dwarves and Shadowhunters!

  1. Welcome back! It’s been a while. I saw The Desolation of Smaug, I liked it even though the addition of Tauriel surprised me since she isn’t in the books. (If memory serves, it’s been a couple of years). Tolkien’s usual lack of female characters would make things boring on screen. 😉 The mortal instruments (movie) was alright, not the kind of genre I normally go for but I enjoyed watching it. Personally I’m really pumped about the second season of Vikings, I can’t wait!

    • Thanks, I know it’s been way too long! 😊
      I read the Hobbit almost ten years ago and yeah I’m pretty sure Tauriel wasn’t anywhere in there but like you said, there needed to be a female character for the Hobbit films. I’m a sucker for anything romantic, so I liked the addition of that element. And the Mortal Instruments had me on the edge of my seat the whole length of the film so I loved it 😀
      Now I haven’t seen the Vikings but I’ve really wanted to, I heard it was really good!

  2. Congrats on the new computer! I want to see the second part of the Hobbit. I better go before it hits Netflix, gotta see it on the big screen! Glad you’re back!!!

  3. So glad you’re back! Secretly I love reading lists, so keep them coming! 😉 I watched “Frozen” recently – it’s pretty cute, and I love that song. I haven’t seen the Hobbit movies or read Mortal Instruments yet, though…sounds like I should give them a try. 🙂 Enjoy filling up your new computer!

    • Thanks so much, I’m so happy to be back, even if it’s only two days a week for right now lol! And lists will always be on the way, I just love making them! And as for the Hobbit and Mortal Instruments…GO! Read and watch and enjoy, they’re great fun! 😀

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