The Plague! And Egg-Drop Soup

After carefully avoiding getting sick this past week taking care of my little brother (aka the outbreak monkey) who had a wicked cold/flu/sinus thing, I do believe I have at last succumbed to the inevitable my lovelies. I think I have the plague. I woke up this morning with a scratchy throat and a bad mood the likes of which hell hath no. *Long brooding sigh* I hate being sick, I turn into the crabbiest, whiniest person alive, lol. See what I mean, I’m already whining…

I think I need some egg-drop soup, purely for health reasons, that don’t at all relate to my love of chinese food! For those of you unaware, egg-drop soup is a miraculous restorative with magical throat-healing powers that I think border on the divine! Seriously, there’s nothing better to sooth a dragonish sore throat than a blissfully hot quart of salty egg-drop soup…mmm.

So while I embark on the arduous task of securing healing-soup, I hope you all have a lovely, plague-free day!

Note to self: must find a valiant steed for my travels. Preferably one who will enjoy soup.

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