The Desert Sun

Here’s a piece of flash fiction to finish off Writing and Writing Advice Week my lovelies, I hope you’ve enjoyed all the writing posts! I tend to avoid things like this as it usually takes me quite a while to flesh out my thoughts and I’m too wordy for short pieces, but I figured I’d give it a try. No doubt the piece definitely needs work, but for the challenge of writing quickly and tersely, I’m pleased with it (and with myself!) 😀 It’s a snippet of a scene from a WIP called Ashes

Image From Google

Image From Google

The burning desert sun haloed his strong face, painting a golden-orange glow on his already dusky brown skin. She knew he knew that she was staring but couldn’t help it. Didn’t want to more like. He was so beautiful. She’d thought him so when they first met, but now…

It was this place, it had to be. Everything about this stark, isolated Realm– his Realm– made him seem more. She could see now how nervous he’d been before, in her home with her people, though she’d have never guessed it. But here he was truely comfortable. Here he was happy and confidant among his own people and the home he’d known his whole life. The difference had her near shaking…

By the Spirits she wanted him.

Six months they’d said. She’d never make it that long. Not now.

Almost as if he knew her thoughts, Varrick turned to stare at her appraisingly, a wolfish grin curling up the corners of his lips. He reached a hand out to trail his fingers along her jaw but stopped just before touching her, and she knew he was thinking of her guard and the others waiting for them below. She blushed, her father’s man was probably staring at them in the fading sunlight, watching and wondering if he should intercede… But still she wanted Varrick to touch her.

Finally he stepped closer and dropped his fingers to her lips, softly tracing the curve of them and setting her skin ablaze. “I should never have agreed to this,” he half-whispered. “You’ll be the death of me.”

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