Weekly Photo Challenge: Gone, But Not Forgotten

Alright my lovelies, this week’s photo challenge (Gone, but not forgotten) hits very close to home for me. You may remember about two months ago I mentioned losing my grandmother, my Mimi. This loss was unexpected and traumatic for my whole family. For all that we squabble like unruly children, we are extremely close and my Mimi was our fearless Matriarch. Two months have passed now and it still doesn’t feel quite real. I can hear her voice in my head when I think about her, I can hear her laugh, I sometimes think I’ll see her in the house, racing me to the bathroom or sitting in the kitchen. I expect to hear her movies playing at night, Titanic, Pretty Woman, or maybe one of the Underworlds. I see things that remind me of her or things I think she’d like to see and it takes me a minute to realize I can’t go and tell her. In all honesty it’s still too fresh and I do my best to make myself forget and not think about it. I tell myself that this is how life has always been, nothing’s changed and my world is not wobbling precariously, I lie to myself. Yes, my Mimi is gone, but she will never ever be forgotten. I carry her in my heart, along with all the others I have lost and together we trudge it out day by day, looking for the coming light. ❤

10701982_887877244570658_6869375255511867284_n (2)

8 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Gone, But Not Forgotten

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