Downton Abbey Meets Beauty and the Beast!

Ok my lovelies, I’m trying not to hyperventilate right now but I just read online that Dan Stevens (Matthew from Downton Abbey) is in talks to play the Beast in the new Disney live-action Beauty and the Beast starring opposite Emma Watson!!!!!

Image From Google.

Image From Google.



Admittedly, I’ve never thought of Dan for this role but that’s mostly because I’ve been preoccupied with the notion that Chris Hemsworth was perfect for it, but I would so love to see this happen! I was less than thrilled when it looked like Ryan Gosling was going to star as my favorite Disney guy, (just no) and Hemsworth was always a longshot considering he’s already in another fairytale franchise (as the Huntsman from Snow White and the Huntsman), so PLEASE let’s see my favorite Downton guy play my favorite Disney Prince! How awesome would that be?!!!

Image From Google.

Image From Google.

What do you guys think, would Dan make a good Beast or are you in the enemy camp of Ryan Gosling? Or are you still dreaming of the fantasy of Chris Hemsworth or another man of your choice? Let me know! 😀

*(Urgent update my lovelies: IT’S OFFICIAL, HE’S BEEN CAST!!!)

3 thoughts on “Downton Abbey Meets Beauty and the Beast!

  1. I freaked out when I heard about this—Beauty and the Beast is my favorite fairy tale and I’m incredibly nervous about a live-action film…but DAN WOULD BE PERFECT. He could totally pull it off–so I’ll feel better if he is cast as Beast!!!!

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