Weekly Photo Challenge: Afloat

Sorry about the random absence my lovelies, but our internet went down unexpectedly and I was unprepared for it. I came home one day and it was just gone and I was left freaking out because I had just written two or three posts worth of new Ratha James material and had two or three new posts in mind and then suddenly the internet had disappeared!!! I was left in darkness and boredom for three weeks, missing my lovelies terribly, but all is well and I’m back and the new posts will be up soon 😀 But right now it’s time once again for the Weekly Photo Challenge and this week’s theme is: Afloat. Thank goodness I live in a town by the ocean…




And because I missed them but wanted to contribute:

Last week’s challenge was Blur:



And the week before that was Ephemeral:

10929913_3620503722265_3050408756256728604_n (3)

I’ll have more posts coming soon my lovelies! 😀

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