On The Horizon…


Hello my lovelies!!! I’ve missed you all like crazy in my (latest) absence (I have an excuse I swear!) and look forward to catching up with you all 😀 I’ve been on a bit of a reading binge, for like 8 months now, just reading, reading, reading EVERYTHING until about a month ago when I abruptly stopped, took a breath, and began thinking once more of my lovely place here on the blogosphere. I realize posting this late isn’t ideal so expect to hear from me again soon my lovelies, tomorrow most like, and we’ll have a nice catch-up and I’ll dish about my latest obsessions, aka loves (Outlander’s Jamie Fraser, Season Four of OUAT and more…)! See y’all tomorrow 😀

2 thoughts on “On The Horizon…

    • Glad to be back and glad to know that you’re back as well, I think the need to take a blogging break must have just been in the air lol! And as for reading, it was lovely, but at this point I feel a bit sick at the thought of picking up another book, which I’ve never had happen before lol. But I guess that just means it’s time to write! 😀

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