La Belle et la Bete

Hello my lovelies, hope you’re having a wonderful Wednesday evening so far! Mine had been delightful I have to say, I finally got to hold my five month old little cousin, er well, he’s my cousin’s baby, so I don’t know what exactly that makes him to me really. A second cousin? Or first cousin once-removed maybe? Ancestry am I right. Either way, I finally at long last got to hold him )I was horridly sick when he was first born and every time I’ve seen him since, others have stolen him away first so I was forced to wait lol) and he is just the cutest little bundle of smiles ever, and considering I am not a baby person, it’s safe to say he really is just that awesome 😀 But all the familial loveliness aside, this post is really about an incredibly beautiful film I discovered a few weekends back that I wanted to share with you all called La Belle et la Bete, a 2014 French rendition of my favorite fairy-tale of all time: Beauty and the Beast.

Image From Bing. All Rights Belong To Artist.

Image From Bing. All Rights Belong To Artist.

I’d heard about this film a year or so ago and found it on YouTube a few months back, but I didn’t actually sit down and watch it until about three weeks ago, and let me just sat…WOW! Seriously, just wow. It was so worth the three hours I spent watching it, even though it paused every five seconds on YouTube (because my Wi-Fi hates me unfortunately), I mean I just couldn’t look away. Every second of every frame is just breathtaking. No exaggeration. No hyperbole. Just awesomeness. Don’t believe me? Check out the trailer for yourself and see what I mean: (note: this trailer has English dubbing but the movie itself is in French with English subtitles, just so there’s no confusion later!)

See what I mean? Doesn’t it look just wonderfully amazing?! And trust me, it so is! And the sparklies…for the love of all that glitters, the sparklies my lovelies! Even the light glows and sparkles at times, and then there are literal sparklies floating hypnotically all-over the place at times! Perfection? Yes!

Image From Bing. All Rights Belong To Artist.

Image From Bing. All Rights Belong To Artist.

With the lush costumes, jewel-time colors, stunning romantic scenery, and incredibly talented actors, this film is just a marvel for the eye. I even forgot the aggravation I usually feel when forced to read subtitles throughout an entire film. Within minutes, I was happily drinking in the beauty of the French language, feeling that it only added to the magical, unattainable allure of the enchanting masterpiece. And the Beast himself if created and brought to life so artistically and yet so realistically it’s astounding. This whole production has really raised the bar for my expectations of the live-action Disney version coming out in 2017! My only little quibble storyline wise is that I feel like Belle and the Beast did not get to spend adequate time together, getting to know one another and forging that absolute need for one another. But the chemistry between the actors and the heartbreaking mythological twist to the story almost fully makes up for this lack in bonding.

And there was no library, but really, I think the ballroom makes up for the lack of books, almost. I really enjoyed the dancing scenes, the tension and desire between Belle and the Beast really came through wonderfully as they swept across the black and gold ballroom-floor. Though I would have liked to have seen a library in this gorgeous, rose-strewn castle!

Image From Google. All Rights Belong To Artist.

Image From Google. All Rights Belong To Artist.

Overall, this is one movie I desperately want to buy now and add to my own collection! Sadly the French DVD does not work with American DVD players, so I have to find one that will work here and hopefully soon, because as wonderful as it was on YouTube (blurry thanks to my Wi-Fi) I’m sure it will be 100 times better with the clarity and crispness of a DVD! And while I was looking it up, I discovered three different and excruciatingly beautiful covers, and now I don’t know which one I want more! Is it sad that I really want all three? They’re just so pretty!

Image From Bing. All Rights Belong To Artist.

Image From Bing. All Rights Belong To Artist.

What do you think my lovelies, does this look like something you’d enjoy? Have you seen it and if so what did you think? And which cover would you choose if you could one pick one? Let me know in the comments! 😀

8 thoughts on “La Belle et la Bete

    • Well I totally recommend this version (which is on YouTube) and I hope you enjoy it! I’ve seen an older American version that I loved, but not an older French one so I’m going to have to check that one out! 😀

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