Musical Obession…And A Dash Of Storybrooke

Well my lovelies, I’ve happened upon a new song to love and much like last time, it has a dash of Hook in it. Or well, kind of. I don’t know if it’s more of a theme or a coincidence that such a good-looking pirate/actor shows up in some pretty damn great music videos that I just happen upon on YouTube, but I’m just going to go with it without question. You’ll get no complaints from me here 😉

Now unlike last time, this song didn’t immediately attach itself to any character or story of mine, though theme-wise it easily could have. This time the song resonated with me, not a story in my mind or a character in my heart — which is an unusual occurrence to say the least. Though as a writer I wonder, perhaps it’s a story and character I haven’t discovered yet, perhaps the adventure continues past my current understanding…

Or perhaps this is just a beautiful song that just needs to be heard. So I’m sharing it with you my lovelies, I hope you enjoy it as much as I do 😀

Musical Fate

Hello again my lovelies! I stumbled across a new song that I’ve fallen in love with over the past week and I thought I’d share it with you, but before I do let me just ask (for my fellow writers out there), have you ever found a song that just speaks to one of your characters so perfectly it’s kind of scary? Or even just fit a scene or emotion just spot-on and it thrills you but at the same time scares the crap out of you that there are others out there who must think like you (how else would they come us with these amazing songs? I mean they clearly must write them only for the sake of our characters right)? I have this happen often enough, I think my characters love music just as much as I do and they all have pretty specific tastes, and I like to think of it as musical fate.

I love discovering these wonderful songs, but once I do I tend to avoid watching the music videos because I don’t want to be influenced by what I’m seeing onscreen and because I already have my own video playing to these songs inside my head and there’s no way the recording artist has made a more moving video that what my characters are showing me at the moment. Now there are some exceptions to this rule, sometimes I see the video first (like in this case), but very, very rarely does something in the video match up to what I’m thinking.  In the case of my newest musical fate finding, I watched the video purely because Colin O’Donoghue (Hook from Once Upon a Time) was in it and really, need I say more? I was shocked to discover that not only did the song itself seem like it was something to be spoken aloud by my one of my female protagonists in a future WIP, but the video had small things in it that hinted at the story I had in my head, especially the flowers! It took my breath away!

So as a believer in fate and magic I have become firmly attached to this song by Christina Perri and it’s beautiful video, so take a moment if you will and just listen to the words of a hopeful young woman trying to breakthrough to a heartbroken man who’s trying his best not to fall in love again, but failing miserably (at least in my story anyway lol!)

So what do you think, it’s lovely right? Have you ever found a song or video that captures a small moment you have written or plan on writing? Isn’t it amazing and frightening, this little touch of fate?