Weekly Photo Challenge: Descent

This weeks challenge my lovelies is Descent — which is not exactly what I thought it would be considering the challenge was issued on Halloween, but I don’t pick the challenges lol! Now living in Florida, descent-themed pictures are not readily available, we don’t have cute mountains or hills to helps us here (unless you go North and surprisingly I don’t have any pictures of hills from my FSU days lol!) and in didn’t feel like standing at the top of a bridge or skyscraper — mostly because I turn into a human-sized bowl of jelly when I get more than a foot off the ground — so these pictures will be height related-ish lol!

First up is one of my new pictures from my Bestie Weekend, taken at the Fort:


Next is another new picture, of a well discovered during on of the many archeological digs always happening around the St. Augustine area — one of the hazards and glories of living in the Nations Oldest City! The well’s been encased in what I guess is a very thick glass that you can actually walk on and is in the courtyard of a school building downtown. If you look very closely, you can see some unearthed artifacts that I’m pretty sure were found around the city and placed there for an awesome effect, but it looked amazing in person:


And finally here’s one I managed to find at the last minute of me at FSU after all!!! Miracles do happen people 😀

Me at FSU

And on a side note: I’m right on track NaNo wise, though no one can call me an overachiever lol! One of my writing buddies has over ten thousand words already and I have to keep reminding myself I’m better under pressure and that my word count will pick up the closer to the end of the month that we get. And I’ll be posting more of the Ratha story either later today or tomorrow, but a warning: things get very dark for a bit before picking back up. I give you a glimpse in to the marriages of the three friends and for two of them, things are about as bad as they can be, so just that keep in mind for the next post or two.