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Hello again my lovelies, just another reminder to check out my second blog Whimsical Mutterings where today we’re delving into the Top 9 Moments We Need To See In Star Wars Episode IX!!! If you couldn’t tell already, this is going to be a heck of a Star Wars year and I am HERE FOR IT!!! Hope to see you there! ❤

A Little Star Wars Countdown

Alright my lovelies it’s 2019 and you know what that means…Star Wars Episode IX is finally nigh!!! So let’s start the year off right with a fun little fandom chat over on my second blog, Whimsical Mutterings where we’re counting down the Top 5 Canon Star Wars Novels! I’ve got some great stuff planned for that channel as we begin the countdown to December and the release of the final Skywalker film, so I hope to see you over there!!! ❤

A Handsome Stranger At Downton Abbey

 *Warning: this post may contain a spoiler or two regarding Edith and the fourth season of Downton Abbey, if you haven’t finished the season, read this post later!*

Hello my lovelies, I hope you had a delightful weekend! Mine was spent re-watching the first three seasons of Downton Abbey since I devoured the entire fourth season last weekend (a real post about that later!) and I was feeling nostalgic and a little bit sad about some of my favorite characters. I miss Matthew and Sybil, terribly…sigh. And while I was reveling in the joy of the early pre-death seasons, and reviewing my thoughts on the happenings of the fourth season, I came to a realization…a sudden idea gripped me most fervently and hasn’t let me go since…Edith needs herself a man, but not just any man…

She needs Richard Armitage!

Image From Google He made the four hours of North and South well worth while!

Image From Google
He made the four hours of North and South well worth while!

Most of you may know Richard from The Hobbit films, where he plays the sexy dwarf prince/king Thorin Oakenshield, but those lucky amongst you know him from BBC’s miniseries North and South, BBC’s Robin Hood, and BBC’s The Vicar of Dibley. Are you sensing a theme here? I know he’s busy breaking into American films and fame, but really, at this point, being on Downton Abbey is the fastest way of becoming famous over here! We love those characters and the actors who play them and I think Richard would make a stunning(ly attractive) addition to the all-star cast. And for those of you who are unfamiliar with the SEXINESS that is Mr. Armitage, go to youtube now and type in his name or any of the shows I listed above and just wait for your mouth to start watering and your heart to start palpitating. Or better yet, just watch this video and see what I mean.

It’s kind of shameless, but I’m okay with that 😀 And I freely admit that near the end of the video, I find myself thinking “Bite that glove Gisborne, bite it!”

But back to business, Edith, she kind of deserves him really, after putting up with her horrid love life for four consecutive seasons. I mean really besides the five or six one-episode disastrous flirtations, she’s really only had two serious love interests: Strallan and Gregson, while both her sisters have met and married their one true loves. The first, Strallan — the man I rooted for for three seasons — ditched her at the altar, the bastard, and the second, Gregson, literally disappeared after going to Germany in an effort to become a citizen so that he could divorce his lunatic wife and marry Edith, and hasn’t been seen since. So really, there seems to be a spot open for a new love interest until they decide what to do with Gregson. And considering Branson and Matthew (her sisters’ husbands) are just flat out amazing, I think it’s high time Edith was properly romanced by someone the audience can swoon over as well, and who better than Richard?! He’s gorgeous, he’s intense, bossy, arrogant, aloof, and just so damn perfect for this role! He’d definitely give Edith a romance to remember (not to mention the audience) and if they want to bring Gregson back, they can and then she’d have to chose between the two, maybe he’ll appear on her and Richard’s wedding day…right before they say I do


Image From Google. "Hello there Lord Armitage!"

Image From Google.
“Hello there Lord Armitage!”


Can you tell I’ve been fantasizing about this just a little?

I’m just saying it’s an idea.

What do y’all think, do you like Richard Armitage? What’s your favorite film of his? Would you mind if he visited Downton Abbey, or is there another actor you want to see in the Abbey? Let me know!

Intruder Thy Name Is Love Triangle

Hello everyone, I’m back and feeling a heck of a lot better! *Happy Dance* I just want to say thank you all for the massive amount of feedback (in both likes and comments) you gave my last post. I found it quite surprising, considering I didn’t think anyone outside my regular readers (whom I love!) would actually read that post and I only wrote it so that you would know I hadn’t callously abandoned you for the week. But wow, the response was the largest I’ve ever had on this blog; so thank you all, it truly made my week(end)!

And now that I’m feeling more like myself and less like a pathetic blob of ick, I think it’s high time to finally write the blog idea that’s been floating around my mind for the last week or so (it’s been driving me crazy lol). But before I begin, I have to say that last week this idea also came to one of my favorite blogging duos: Mystic Cooking (I’m sorry ladies, I don’t know how to make a clickable link so your site, but everyone should go check them out!). When I first read their post I nearly fell out of my chair with elated and confused shock (I even had the same title picked out as they used!) and for quite a few dazed moments I thought they were mind-readers and how cool/bizarre was that! It took me a couple of minutes to realize that the more likely explanation was that great bloggers just think alike 😀 And with their encouragement I decided to go ahead and write my opinion on the matter that occupied our thoughts; so thank you ladies!

I think it’s safe to say that I’m a drama enthusiast when it comes to books, movies, television shows, musicals, and all that good stuff that makes the world a happier place. Notice that I left real life out of that list; I like to be entertained by drama, not live it. Most of the time anyway. There’s nothing I love more than a good, drama-filled romance or perilous decision-making accompanied by a sudden outburst into song that will leave me breathless as I try to belt along with it, but I’ve noticed that there’s a “new” trend sneaking not so subtly into my entertainment world. Intruder thy name is Love Triangle (I love Shakespeare, lol!). They’re everywhere! Think about it, there’s: Peeta vs. Gale in The Hunger Games (Suzanne Collins) , Jacob vs. Edward in Twilight (Stephenie Meyer), Damon vs. Stefan in the Vampire Diaries (T.V.), the Phantom vs. Raoul (I’m thinking musical here, but the book works as well), Heathcliff vs. Edgar in Wuthering Heights (Emily Bronte), and on and on until your head wants to explode. It seems the entertaining world of books and visual media has become nothing but a collection of sport-related “teams” battling it out to decide who the better guy is and why he should end up with the girl since clearly the other guy is a loser/jerk/whatever!

The Phantom Of The Opera Photo Courtesy Of Google

And I’m not going to lie, I have my opinions like everyone else (Peeta, Jacob, Damon (Yum), the Phantom, and Heathcliff) and there is a part of me that does enjoy defending/discussing my choices every now and then. But there’s also another part (that seems to be taking over) that’s tired of it all and is dying to scream “ENOUGH ALREADY! Find something new to write about for crying out loud!” I think the basic plot has been used, reused, and over-used far too much here recently; it was fun the first few times but now it’s time to move on to the next fad before people go insane. Love triangles make for good drama, high rating, and enormous sales, I get it but sooner or later people are going to have to just move on and let the concept go. Give it a rest for a few years and then bring it back or something. What happened to the good old days where there was just one guy and one girl and the reader/viewer easily knew who to root for and all womankind could bond over the fact that we all loved the same person? I miss those days. There’s just something so comforting knowing that there is only one right answer; and I know that isn’t lifelike or realistic all the time, but really, sometimes I just want the illusion.

Couple Photo Courtesy Of Facebook

Of course, there are ways to employ the love triangle and have only one obvious choice (it’s called compromise). Just look at Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice: you’ve got Elizabeth, Darcy, and Wickham and all the drama that people crave with love triangles but there is a clear right answer and everyone roots for Darcy in the end. The happy medium works for me. I just don’t like repeatedly falling in love with a guy only to have him be broken-hearted and rejected in the end, or worse, have a hastily made happy ever after constructed out of thin air for him (copout cough cough). If there are going to be two suitors competing, then one of them should have some horrible flaw or something that effectively puts him out of the running (not in all cases of course, but most).

Pride And Prejudice Film Poster Courtesy Of Google

And what I find the most amusing is that I employ love triangles in my novels as well (it took me a while to realize this oddly enough because I never think of the other guy as having any real chance). There are times when two men both love the same woman in one or two of my novels, but there is always one right answer that my female protagonist comes to (at least I think so, we’ll see what the world thinks when they’re published, lol) and I try to make sure the reader understands that early on so that there is no confusion later. So I guess I’m a hypocrite, but at least I admit it.

There are times when I adore love triangles, there are times when I hate them, and funny enough, there are actually times when I use them. When I first thought about this blog idea I thought all I wanted to do was bash love triangles, but having the past week to really think about it made me realize that when it comes down to it, I’m a big ball of conflicted confusion. My thoughts on the subject are ephemeral and change with my mood, but generally it comes down to this: a little bit of a good thing goes a long way, but right now the media is drowning us in something that is far too potent a subject.

What do y’all think? Do you love, hate, or use love triangles and why? Or are you just as conflicted as I am? What are your favorite uses of the love triangle? Least favorite?