“Fairest” Fairly Soon


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Evening my lovelies, I┬áhope all is going well with you and yours ­čśÇ I just wanted to take a minute to announce that I’ve a new mini blog-series on the way that I’m (appropriately)┬ácalling “Fairest Of Them All”! This new collection of posts will be the ultimate guide to my favorite fairytale adaptations — both in film and novels — and all my top recommendations for those magical-at-heart lovelies who — like me —┬ájust can’t get enough of these wonderful, timeless┬átales.


Image From Facebook. All Rights Belong To Artist.

Now admittedly, the first post was going to uploaded tonight, but unfortunately… I got sidetracked… by movies. Good movies. And my mother’s new fascination with Candy Crush — which I find highly entertaining. But nevertheless, the first post will DEFINITELY be up tomorrow and I’m thinking it will be a bit…beastly!

And quite possibly beautiful… ­čśë

See you tomorrow my lovelies!

P.S. I’m actually┬átrying to write it now, truly I am, but the Mummy’s on and there’s so much at stake… Must concentrate.┬áMust not waver.┬áCONSTANT VIGILANCE!!!

Well, I tried. Sigh. ­čśÇ