I Believe

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Image From Facebook

Afternoon my lovelies, I was scrolling through my WordPress reader when I happened upon the Daily Prompt for today and it looked like fun so I figured I’d give it a go. First I’m to list three things I believe to be true, then three things I believe to be false…sounds like a good list to me!

So, three things I believe to be true:

1) I believe this blog is a source of great happiness for me and I treasure the friends I’ve met so far because of it!

2) I believe the world we live in is but one among a vast number.

3) I believe history is never history for long, things have a way of circling back.

Image From Facebook

Image From Facebook

And three things I believe to be false:

1) I believe the notion that magic can only be found is books is false, magic is all around us and if you just take the time to search it out, you’ll be dazzled and left in awe.

2) I believe that saying characters are made-up is false, I could never make my characters up, they are real — perhaps only to me, but they’re real nonetheless and I count them as friends.

3) I believe that the idea of e-books ever being better than an actual book is false, holding a book and feeling the pages between your fingers is one of life’s great joys and you can’t really do that with a computer screen.

Now what about you my lovelies, what do you believe to be true and not true? Let me know! 😀