Encounters With Elephants

So a few months ago my lovelies, I won a raffle from the wonderful British authoress Diana Hardy on her facebook site and she was kind enough to send me a collection of insanely gorgeous Lucky Elephant figurines all the way over from misty England. Now, I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned this before, but I ADORE elephants (and all-things England as you know), so I pretty much flipped out and promptly ran around the house screaming at informing everyone of my incredible good luck! Don’t judge, I never win anything so my excitement was totally justified 😉

I waited for two long weeks for the new addition to my elephant collection to arrive and when they finally did I was ecstatic! They are so freaking adorable, and I couldn’t wait to introduce them to the other elephants that make up my “herd” lol! The result was too adorable and I just have to share it with you, so sit back and prepare for the utter cuteness that is about to take place! (The shiny gold ones are gifts from my mom and dad, the glittery ones are from Diana.)

We begin our Elephantine Encounter with cute little fellow:


But it isn’t long until others arrive on the scene:


It’s perhaps the most colorful herd I’ve ever encountered in the wilds of Florida:


An inquisitive fellow…and so photogenic:


He can’t help mugging for the camera:


Family time:


The two herds seem to have converged into one:


I’m sensing a great deal of newfound friendship is in the works:


The little darlings:


My new mantra- I am one with the herd:


I was supposed to write up this post a while ago, but I got caught up writing my novel and took a break from blogging for a month or so, but I didn’t want to not write it, so better late than never right?! A big shout out and thank you to Diana Hardy! 😀

Photo Friday: Home

A week or so ago I went wandering around Downtown with my camera and snapped a few pictures of the scenery. I love the sights here: the colors, the textures, the views! Everything is a lovely contradiction: it’s warm and cold (the wind), bright and muted, home and foreign. Things here are bright and colorful, the green is the greenest green I’ve ever seen and the sunshine is a warm buttery yellow, until you move closer to the water and then the air turns silvery grey and the colors mute themselves in reverence to the color spectrum of the sea. The sun is hot and warm against your skin, but the wind off the water is strong and almost lifts you into the air and makes you wish you’d remembered your sweater. And the buildings and facades are things you’ve seen all your life (if you’ve lived here all your life, like me anyway) but their construction is reminiscent of a bygone time and a country across the sea. This place, my home, makes me smile; we know exactly how and what we are, we’re everything that ever was and will ever be and we’d happily eat seafood with every meal!

What about y’all? What sights and colors remind you of home? Do you see boats everyday? Fields of grass? Or a jungle of buildings and bright lights? 😀

Mystical, fairy-tale stairs leading down to the water…I’d like to think so.