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He floated then,

adrift, with the cool water lapping at his exposed edges,

 heaving him upward into the too bright sun

before drawing him down into the inky darkness.

Pushing and pulling.





 Here where the sky kissed the earth.


What was he to do but let the water choose?


Writing Magic

It never ceases to amaze me my lovelies, just how much I actually love writing. It always seems like such a chore until the laptop is sitting in my lap and a well-used word file is open with those familiar black letters scrolling across the page, waiting for me to add to them, stretch them into something beyond themselves, awaken and bring them to life. It’s a magical thing really. Whether you’re writing a poem, a novel, a journal entry, or whatever calls to you, there is something utterly fulfilling and unexplainably thrilling about putting words that reside in your mind into corporeal form on paper (or screen) and watching a story unfold. Words are life, with them we tell our stories –real and imagined– and know with them anything is possible. As writers, we can create worlds, give life, taste love, paint pain, and color sadness. As writers we can live eternally in the worlds we dream up, with the friends who know us better than anyone else ever could.

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Image From Facebook

What about you my lovelies, how do you feel about writing? It is a love/hate relationship? Does is seem like you could lose yourself in the pages that you write? Let me know!