A Rose Bound

Image From Google. All Rights Belong To Artist.

Image From Google. All Rights Belong To Artist.

A Rose Bound

In the labyrinth there’s a castle,

where a bed of roses lie,

thick and bright and color-strewn,

arching turrets to the sky.


I see you there, in my sleeping mind,

a shadow in the brightest light,

cloaked in crimson, rich as blood,

beckoning me in from coming night.


Come to me, come to me,

your voice echoes low on the wind,

come to me, come to  me,

to our story now, we must tend.


Come to me, run to me,

gasping, my heart begins to pound,

come to me, find love with me,

become the rose to which I’m bound.

Beautiful Agony

A mermaid’s last night on land, dancing in the arms of her Prince…


Beautiful Agony:


Rippling fire tears the flesh of my newfound legs,

Burning searing, blazing.

Glancing down,

I’m surprised that my skin hasn’t blackened and split open,

Wide and ugly.

A thousand sharp shards prick mercilessly

Beneath the petal-soft surface,

Insistent and urgent, until I want to fall,

Down to the ground and cry my pain

To the loving sea.


But I am strong.

I stand tall and straight,

And I dance through the pain for him,

My prince…my love.

He bows to me and extends an exquisite hand,

My heart stops and I smile through the tears,

As he folds me in his arms.

It is a beautiful agony.


We dance, but my steps aren’t yet sure,

And sometimes I falter;

But he always catches me and holds me tight.

Anchoring me to the now,

To this new form

Where I fear I do not belong.


Can he love me in my silence?

Can he see the beauty of my form

Beneath the faltering of my steps?

And hear the longing voice of my heart,

Bubbling up towards the surface

As we dance and glide,

Beautiful and breathless,

Two creatures made to love

Yet born to be forever separate?


He smiles and pulls me closer,

But fear pricks tiny wounds in my heart.

I have such little time,

Only a few hours left until my death,

And only he can save me from the dawn.


Hurry my love,

It’s almost too late.

Soon I will be lost forever,

And you shall never find me again,

No matter how long you search.

I will be nothing more

Than soft foam atop desolate waters,

A memory,

A testament to what might have been.