A Secret Garden

There was green everywhere. Bright, vibrant, alive. So much of my favorite color in one place calmed me instantly, like a balm on my heart and spirit. Enclosed by high crumbling coquina walls tangled with lacy ivy, and sun-bleached wooden fencing speckled with moss, the garden welcomed me, enclosing me in loving arms. Welcome Dear One. Welcome. Come in. Breathe. Heal.


I took a deep breath, lost in wonderment and unexpected joy. How long had this place been here, hidden in plain sight just off the beaten track? How often had I passed by it and never seen it, never known it existed? Yet the timing was sheet magic. I needed this. I needed this place. The beauty. The peace. The healing. A secret garden of my very own. It was like the one in my dream from so many years ago — not a perfect match, but something in it spoke to me and I grinned at the unexpected connection to my characters revealed to me in that dream, their beautiful story, and the butterfly garden they shared.


Everywhere I turned something unexpected caught my eye: mermaids, fairies, butterflies, orbs spread haphazard, wild and free, spinning, twirling, dancing in the gentle breeze, sheltered in the shade of ancient trees and warmed by the strong Florida sun. Colors in rich profusion sprouted up amidst the greenery, adorning the Earth most beautifully: blues, reds, bronzes, greens, purples, violets, and clear crystalline white.


Thank you. My whisper repeated itself in my mind over and over again as I walked the uneven cobblestone pathway, finding more beauty and hidden treasures behind each twist and turn. I felt giddy, light-hearted — it was just like a scene from The Secret Garden or Harriet The Spy!  (I’ve always loved the gardens from these movies.) Benches awaited me, knowing well I’d have to return one day with a notebook and pen sometime soon, and a table lay tucked away, for the future lunch I’d bring to eat amongst the fairies.



I called silently to the trees and flowers, to the fairies tending them, and the wonderful life-force encapsulating this tiny place: Thank you for this. You’re beautiful. Hello! I thanked them for inviting me into their domain to appreciate their lush, wild beauty. The wind tugged at me, playful and free, pulling me this way and that. Look here! Notice this! I happily obeyed — there is no resisting the lure of happy fairies, especially those dwelling in a secret garden. There was so much to see!


Butterflies danced, fairies sang, and my heart soared.

Thank you. Thank you.

I’ll come back soon.

I promise.


Wishful Dreams

Image From Facebook. All Rights Belong To Artist.

Image From Facebook. All Rights Belong To Artist.

What dream does your heart wish for tonight my lovelies? What fantastical tale will you live as you rest secure beneath starry skies and bright moonlight? Will there be romance? Or danger? Daring battles or deep friendship? Will a lesson be learned or a truth be known?

You decide. You choose.

Make your wish my lovelies, hold it tight, and dream it into reality.


Here There Be Witches

Happy Halloween my lovelies, I hope you all have a fun-filled, candy-strewn, and above-all safe holiday! Remember to keep an eye out for the impossible and eerily unexplainable because tonight magic is most definitely real and the Faeries will be a-roaming!

Image From Google. All Rights Belong To Artist.

Image From Google. All Rights Belong To Artist.

I Believe

Image From Facebook

Image From Facebook

Afternoon my lovelies, I was scrolling through my WordPress reader when I happened upon the Daily Prompt for today and it looked like fun so I figured I’d give it a go. First I’m to list three things I believe to be true, then three things I believe to be false…sounds like a good list to me!

So, three things I believe to be true:

1) I believe this blog is a source of great happiness for me and I treasure the friends I’ve met so far because of it!

2) I believe the world we live in is but one among a vast number.

3) I believe history is never history for long, things have a way of circling back.

Image From Facebook

Image From Facebook

And three things I believe to be false:

1) I believe the notion that magic can only be found is books is false, magic is all around us and if you just take the time to search it out, you’ll be dazzled and left in awe.

2) I believe that saying characters are made-up is false, I could never make my characters up, they are real — perhaps only to me, but they’re real nonetheless and I count them as friends.

3) I believe that the idea of e-books ever being better than an actual book is false, holding a book and feeling the pages between your fingers is one of life’s great joys and you can’t really do that with a computer screen.

Now what about you my lovelies, what do you believe to be true and not true? Let me know! 😀


Writing Magic

It never ceases to amaze me my lovelies, just how much I actually love writing. It always seems like such a chore until the laptop is sitting in my lap and a well-used word file is open with those familiar black letters scrolling across the page, waiting for me to add to them, stretch them into something beyond themselves, awaken and bring them to life. It’s a magical thing really. Whether you’re writing a poem, a novel, a journal entry, or whatever calls to you, there is something utterly fulfilling and unexplainably thrilling about putting words that reside in your mind into corporeal form on paper (or screen) and watching a story unfold. Words are life, with them we tell our stories –real and imagined– and know with them anything is possible. As writers, we can create worlds, give life, taste love, paint pain, and color sadness. As writers we can live eternally in the worlds we dream up, with the friends who know us better than anyone else ever could.

Image From Facebook

Image From Facebook

What about you my lovelies, how do you feel about writing? It is a love/hate relationship? Does is seem like you could lose yourself in the pages that you write? Let me know!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Kiss

A kiss to me is the connection of two souls:

2013-02-15 20.45.03

And the bonding of two separate entity’s into one glorious being for all too brief a time:

2013-02-15 20.45.28

A kiss can be as innocent as a tender rose:

2013-02-15 20.56.44

As mysterious as a flash of light:

2013-02-15 20.58.42

And a shining moment amid the darkness of life:

2013-02-15 20.59.36

A kiss can also be magical, with unpredictable consequences, leaving us happier than we ever believed we could be:

Image From GoogleAll Rights Belong To The Artists

Image From Google
All Rights Belong To The Artists

But above all, a kiss is a memory that we keep with us for life; it’s something to look back on and remember fondly…sometimes with a chuckle or two:

Image From GoogleAll Rights Belong To The Artists

Image From Google
All Rights Belong To The Artists