Beautiful Agony

Because I have so many searching for this one… I’m glad it’s a favorite 😀


A mermaid’s last night on land, dancing in the arms of her Prince…


Beautiful Agony:


Rippling fire tears the flesh of my newfound legs,

Burning searing, blazing.

Glancing down,

I’m surprised that my skin hasn’t blackened and split open,

Wide and ugly.

A thousand sharp shards prick mercilessly

Beneath the petal-soft surface,

Insistent and urgent, until I want to fall,

Down to the ground and cry my pain

To the loving sea.


But I am strong.

I stand tall and straight,

And I dance through the pain for him,

My prince…my love.

He bows to me and extends an exquisite hand,

My heart stops and I smile through the tears,

As he folds me in his arms.

It is a beautiful agony.


We dance, but my steps aren’t yet sure,

And sometimes I falter;

But he always catches me and holds me tight.

Anchoring me to…

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