Weekly Photo Challenge: Intricate

It’s that time again my lovelies and this week’s challenge is Intricate! So let’s get to it 😀

WP_20141026_122 (2)

WP_20141026_124 (2)



Sorry for the lack of posting this week my lovelies, I’ve just been alternately too lazy or too anxious to do anything this week. I have a long hoped-for job interview to go to tomorrow (I’m hoping to be a Library Assistant!!!) and I’ve been dealing with all the nerves that accompany it, so wish me luck please and I’ll try to upload some new posts in the next few days! 😀

Weekly Photo Challenge: Motion

Hello again my lovelies, I hope you’re all having a delightful Saturday/weekend so far! I don’t know about you, but I’m thinking a Robin Hood marathon may be in order… you know, strictly for the historical merit, not because Richard Armitage plays one of the sexiest incompetent bad-guys ever… and the fact that Much pretty much makes me laugh out loud in practically every episode…

But besides all that, it’s once again that time, and this week’s photo challenge is Motion, which usually means blurry in my photo taking capabilities, but since blur was a few weeks ago, I scavenged and scoured until I found a few photos that should do the trick 😀



fountain pics 022


Now what episode did I leave off on? 😀

Violent Delights and Violent Ends

Image From Google. All Rights Belong To Artist.

Image From Google. All Rights Belong To Artist.

Being the self-proclaimed romantic that I am my lovelies, I think it’s pretty much a given that I LOVE Shakespeare’s immortal tragic love story: Romeo and Juliet. LOVE it. Like crazy. Seriously. You can say whatever you want about it being impractical, it was just lust that led to murder and death, yadayadayada, I don’t really care, I just am nutty about this story, in all it’s incarnations (Pyramus and Thisbe, Tristan and Isolde etc.). There’s just something stirring and intoxicating and just unforgettable about the love of these two young people forced to hide their forbidden relationship from their warring families. (Personally I’ve always been a Montague girl myself, but that’s neither here nor there lol.) And over the years I’ve read the play countless times, both in school and out and watched pretty much every Romeo and Juliet movie I could find. My ninth grade English teacher even made us memorize the prologue as we marched up and down the sidewalks outside our classroom. She then proceeded to teach us how to “dance” like they would have back in the day, you know, because teenagers aren’t self-conscious enough without having to pair off, nearly press their palms together, and stare the opposite sex in the eye whilst they try not to die of embarrassment as they waltz in circles. Sigh…

Image From Bing.  Because High School wasn't hard enough...

Image From Bing.
Because High School wasn’t hard enough…

But either way, as I was saying, I’ve watched a good many Romeo and Juliet movies, but only three of them have stayed with me, for one reason or another: the 1968 Romeo and Juliet, the 1996 Romeo + Juliet, and the 2013 Romeo & Juliet. Each one is vastly different than the others, whether in design, speech, or overall effect, (not to mention the differing ways to represent the word “and”) but each of them contains something that just hits home with me and for one reason or another I find myself drawn to these dramatically different representations of the same story.

Image From Bing.

Image From Bing.

The ’68 version is the quintessential old-timey Shakespearian masterpiece, with beautiful actors with light-filled eyes, and a kind of realistic charm that just screams Romeo and Juliet. I mean really, can these two be more prefect for each other? I think not. Olivia Hussey and Leonard Whiting are just amazing together and I just love watching them fall in love onscreen with that beautiful music playing in the background and the light gleaming in their eyes (seriously, have you noticed how much their eyes are like infused with light in this version? It’s just gorgeous.) And I don’t know why but there’s just something utterly romantic about older films, they just seem more special than their newer counterparts!

Image From Bing.

Image From Bing.

That being said, I have been head-over-heels in crazy love with the 1996 version since I first saw it when I was a teenager (which probably meant it had been out for seven or eight years lol). It’s over the top Baz Luhrmann fun and drama with the beauty of Shakespeare’s language set against the gritty glamour of ’90s Miami and I love every minute of it! This movie for me IS Romeo and Juliet. The music, the acting, the craziness, everything! If Shakespeare could perform this play to modern audiences, I’m sure this would be the way he chose to do so. This film just goes all out there, it’s high-stakes drama with no apologies and no shame and THIS is what this play is all about. And I just love the juxtaposition of the dated and beautiful language with the harsh but sexy modern edge of the setting, I just think it bring the work to life in a whole new way. And hands down, this movie contains my favorite Mercutio (my favorite Shakespeare character ever) and for me, that’s saying something! (It also has my favorite lead couple, Leo and Claire are but brilliant together!) The emotion of this movie is just on-point and I still get chills when Romeo walks down the neon lit tomb to reach his believed-to-be-dead Juliet. And Kissing You…yeah like the most romantic love ballad ever!

Image From Bing.

Image From Bing.

And last, but certainly not least, I added a new version to my list of favorites a few months ago. Now you know how much I adore Downton Abbey my lovelies, so when I heard the writer of Downton was rewriting and directing this version, I was immediately sold! That being said, I was promptly disappointed and extremely pissed off when I finally got a chance to see this film. The wording was altered, the beautiful verses and phases I know from heart, uprooted and stitched back together by someone clearly more accustomed to writing for Downton viewers and that was enough for me to begin fuming for the rest of the movie. It took me a few months to calm back down and give this one another try (as I admittedly have this weird thing about watching new movies, catch me on the wrong day and I’ll hate them no matter how great they are) but once I allowed myself to watch the movie again (with the full knowledge that the words were messed up completely) I realized that the movie is unusually beautiful. Nearly every scene in this movie is just breathtakingly lovely and just serves to pull you in to the belief that this crazy story could actually happen. They leads were gorgeous, and while they were not my favorite of the Romeo’s and Juliet’s, they did a great job and I’m pleased to say I like this movie more and more every time I watch it again!

Image From Google. All Rights Belong To Artist.

Image From Google. All Rights Belong To Artist.

What about you my lovelies, do you have a story that you follow passionately through all it’s varying forms? Do you have a favorite Romeo and Juliet? Let me know!


Weekly Photo Challenge: Early Bird

It’s that time once again my lovelies and this week’s challenge is Early Bird! An interesting little challenge if I do say so myself, so let’s see what I discovered in my photo vaults!



And randomly enough, I do happen to have a picture of some early birds:


And don’t forget to check out my latest (and Borgia inspired!) flash fiction– Cantarella — if you haven’t yet already, and let me know what you think!


Hello my lovelies, I’ve a little flash fiction for you here inspired by my latest obsession: The Borgias! I found a book two weeks ago that I must have bought ages ago and it had two novels centered on this family I’d never heard of: the Borgias. After reading them I promptly watched the Showtime series and fell under it’s captivating spell and pretty much did nothing else this past weekend but binge watch this epic show. So with Borgias on the brain, I wrote this piece today, it doesn’t follow the show or anything, it’s just a random piece of something fluttered around in my mind the last few days. And no, the narrator is not Lucrezia, though I totally ship her and Cesare in the series. And if you know the family and know what I’m talking about, don’t judge, just watch the show, and if you have no idea what I’m talking about, watch the show anyway, it’s freaking amazing! 😀

Image From Google.

Image From Google.


His dark eyes glittered dangerously as his sensuous mouth curved into a hungry smile, the Borgia smile. My heart quickened painfully and I struggled to breathe. You fool. Nothing sated this man, nothing and no one was ever enough, this I knew. I was courting ruin and death but still I wanted those black eyes on me with all that hunger, passion, and blatant calculation asking the one question I was wondering myself: will I be the one he’s searched for? Or will I just be another passing stranger with whom he’ll spend a few hours lost in frenzied pleasure?

He stalked towards me, all feral wildness and brutal grace, his gaze never leaving mine. I trembled and shook, from fright as much as desire, and felt something yet unknown to me burst into shattering life. I swayed, gripping the polished wooden table to steady myself as he drew ever nearer, until he was at last before me.

“We’ve not been introduced,” he said, his voice a seductive growl that did strange things to my insides. “I’m Cesare Borgia.”

“I know,” I answered breathlessly, foolishly, and felt the flush of heat redden my skin. “I…I mean…”

But he was chuckling and I found myself mesmerized by the darkness of his masculine beauty. A lock of curling chestnut hair fell into his eyes and he brushed it away, only to have it fall once again. Without thought, I reached out and tucked the strands behind his ear, my fingers trailing against his jaw for the briefest of moments.

It was enough and I was lost. Whether he merely desired my body or demanded my immortal soul, I was his and he knew it. His eyes widened, the hunger within them deepening and I remembered again the rumors that surrounded this enigmatic son of a Pope. This was a man with blood on his hands and poison in his veins. He was every bit as deadly as the Cantarella he favored.

I would never be enough for him. Nothing ever would be, I realized as his fingers enclosed mine in a solid, unbreakable grip, lifting my hand to his mouth for a promising kiss. My knees threatened to buckle, but I held his teasing gaze, unwilling to surrender just yet. No, I would never be enough for this man. But for tonight he was mine and already I felt myself sinking down into the bliss and the pain that was Cesare Borgia. He needed no other poison, he was Cantarella itself and I would die happily this night.

The Adventures of Ratha James: Part Nine

*St. Clare Manor* Image From Google. All Rights Belong To Artists.

*St. Clare Manor*
Image From Google. All Rights Belong To Artists.

The Adventures of Ratha James: Part Nine

The room fell silent for a moment as each woman struggled with her own heartbreak. Seeing Joona’s swollen stomach unleashed a torrent of fresh hatred in Amalee’s heart for the monster she had wed. If not for Derek’s brutal lusts, she too would be carrying her first child by now. He had stolen much from her in the months since their wedding, but sitting in this quiet from with her friends so near, Amalee felt the depth of the injustice anew. But as powerful as her hate was, it was tinged with a strange sort of relief as well. With no child, there was nothing linking her to Derek but a name, unpleasant perhaps but remedied easily enough with a lie. Perhaps it was best the only thing she took from her marriage was herself. Thinking back to the wrenching fear and perils of just the last few days of flight, she blanched whiter than snow. Escaping with a child, even one unborn would have been nearly impossible, she may not have made it — though she would have perished trying, to save the child if not herself.

With a war of emotions blazing across her face, she looked up to find Joona’s sharp green gaze upon her, taking in her tattered, dirt-streaked appearance with a calm that only St. Clare possessed among them. Amalee flushed a heated scarlet to be seen in such a disgraceful manner in her friend’s elegant home, but there was no judgment in Joona’s gaze, only love, and a readiness to do what must be done. It was when her eyes moved to Maddie that Amalee saw them widen with suppressed tears.

Oh Maddie…my poor Maddie.

Cursing herself as a fool for thinking only of her own woes, she turned and felt her heart splinter at the sight of such longing and grief as was etched into Maddie’s lovely face.  If ever a woman deserved a child to love and raise in happiness, it was Madeline…fate had been cruel indeed to take this possibility from her.

As one, Amalee and Joona silently rose and went and knelt by their friend, wrapping her into a tight embrace that spoke of more love than words could ever hope to.  For several long minutes the three women held one another safe, Joona with the fierceness of a fledgling mother, Madeline with the tender hope of an innocent soul, and Amalee with the raw determination of a survivor.

Image From Google. All Rights Belong To Artist.

Image From Google. All Rights Belong To Artist.

Are you new to the Ratha James story or just feel like you need a refresher to catch back up, just click here and read to your heart’s content my lovelies 😀

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

As your very own proud Irish lass, I’m wishing you all a happy and safe St. Patrick’s Day my lovelies!!!

Image From Google. All Rights Belong To The Artist.

Image From Google. All Rights Belong To The Artist.

And just for fun, here’s some of my favorite Ireland themed posts from the Moonstonemaiden vault:

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Wall

It’s once again that time my lovelies, and this week the challenge is Wall — and boy was it a challenge. I don’t have many pictures of walls my lovelies, let alone interesting pictures of walls lol, but I scoured my horde of photos and found a few I think are worth sharing 😀









Encounters With Elephants

So a few months ago my lovelies, I won a raffle from the wonderful British authoress Diana Hardy on her facebook site and she was kind enough to send me a collection of insanely gorgeous Lucky Elephant figurines all the way over from misty England. Now, I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned this before, but I ADORE elephants (and all-things England as you know), so I pretty much flipped out and promptly ran around the house screaming at informing everyone of my incredible good luck! Don’t judge, I never win anything so my excitement was totally justified 😉

I waited for two long weeks for the new addition to my elephant collection to arrive and when they finally did I was ecstatic! They are so freaking adorable, and I couldn’t wait to introduce them to the other elephants that make up my “herd” lol! The result was too adorable and I just have to share it with you, so sit back and prepare for the utter cuteness that is about to take place! (The shiny gold ones are gifts from my mom and dad, the glittery ones are from Diana.)

We begin our Elephantine Encounter with cute little fellow:


But it isn’t long until others arrive on the scene:


It’s perhaps the most colorful herd I’ve ever encountered in the wilds of Florida:


An inquisitive fellow…and so photogenic:


He can’t help mugging for the camera:


Family time:


The two herds seem to have converged into one:


I’m sensing a great deal of newfound friendship is in the works:


The little darlings:


My new mantra- I am one with the herd:


I was supposed to write up this post a while ago, but I got caught up writing my novel and took a break from blogging for a month or so, but I didn’t want to not write it, so better late than never right?! A big shout out and thank you to Diana Hardy! 😀

Weekly Photo Challenge: Orange

It’s that time once again my lovelies and this week the challenge is Orange, one of my three favorite colors. (Which are green, purple, and, well you know…just in case you were wondering lol!) 😀 So let’s get this thing started!



Marmaduke snail

Me at FSU


Orange Rose

There you have it my lovelies and I hope you feel inspired to share some of your own orange photos (I sadly realized how few orange photos I actually have lol)! And OUAT Season Three Moments will be posted soon — tomorrow mostly likely — so prepare for the greatest Moonstonemaiden list  ever posted…yet!

P.S. The snail was something I discovered one day and nearly flipped out over because of it’s outrageous cuteness, I mean look at that orange shell!!! Needless to say I snapped quite a few photos and then rushed inside to show my mother and brother (who were noticeably less excited than I was I have to admit). After I insisted that we name him — and because all three of us insisted on a different moniker — the poor fellow’s name ended up being the rather dashing: Marmaduke Phteven Sunrise 😀