Happy National Siblings Day!

In honor of National Siblings Day my lovelies…I hope you enjoy!


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Once upon a time there was a girl born of a wish — the most powerful and ancient sort of magick.

Her mother, looking up to the splendor of the Great Moon one dark evening, had wished for a child all her own, and in her benevolence, the Moon gave her a beautiful daughter. This child born of the greatest of wishes was named Moon Maiden and she was loved and cherished from her first breath.

The joy and love between mother and daughter was fierce and bright, and grew all the greater with the dawning of each new day. But as the years passed and the girl-child grew, she became terribly lonely. More than anything she wanted a companion, a playmate to share in all her adventures, and though her mother would deny her nothing, this was something she simply could not give.

“You were given to me by the Great Moon, my love” her mother explained, tucking Moon Maiden into her small, warm bed for the evening. She kissed the little girl’s brow and sat beside her.

“And could the Great Moon not give you another child Momma?” Moon Maiden asked, her youthful hope refusing to be dashed so quickly.

“I think not my love,” her mother said sadly, unwilling to break her little one’s heart. “For who can expect more than one great wish in a lifetime to come true? And I used my wish for you. I do not think I can have a second.”

“I understand,” Moon Maiden whimpered, little silver tears falling down her plump cheeks. She said no more, but kissed her mother good night and laid down to sleep.

But little Moon Maiden did not sleep. Instead she waited for the soft sound of her mother’s sleepy snore before stealing away into the forest around her home in search of a glimpse of the inky night sky above the canopy of tall trees. Her mother could not help her, but that was alright, Momma had used her wish, but she still had hers. She didn’t know what to do, but she knew she had to try.

She walked further and further into the forest that was her second home until at last the white light of the moon and the glimmering sparkle of starlight shone down upon her lovingly. She stopped, hopeful that this would be a good spot for wishing. A little frightened, but more determined than ever, she closed her eyes and tilted her little face skyward.

“Hello?” she began, her voice uncertain but clear. “My name is Moon Maiden and I was born of a wish — my mother’s. She wished for me and the Great Moon gave me to her.” She was not sure the Great Moon would remember her after these five long years and thought a little reminder could not hurt. “I am very happy here in the forest with Mother…but I get so very lonely. There are no other children to play with, Mother says they’re frightened of me, but I so badly want a friend…”

The little girl’s voice became wistful, and her heart swelled with all the love she had inside her. It was a great deal. There was magic in the air now, she felt it as the moonbeams tickled her skin in remembrance. She opened her mouth to speak, sure now that she would be heard, but stopped before the wish spilled out. Her mother had wished on the Great Moon and the Moon gave her a daughter. If she wished on it now, would she be given another girl-child, a sister?

She didn’t know for certain, but she imagined having a sister would be like having another version of herself, nothing special in that. She would love whatever she was given, but if she had the choice…

I want a brother, she thought fervently, a baby brother to call my own.

But who was she to wish to for such a thing? Surely not the Moon with her gentle, billowing light. No, the Great Moon would not do for this, but maybe the other lights in the night sky held some power. Perhaps they would help?

“Great Stars, I wish for a brother of my very own. A friend to share all my adventures with, who I can love forever as Mother loves me. Please hear me. Please.”

She stood quietly for a time, imagining the brother of her dreams — in case the stars should need a little inspiration — before raising her palms to the sky and spinning round once, twice, three times beneath the shining starlight, just for good measure.

And when at last she crawled back into the warmth of her bed, Moon Maiden fell asleep with a small smile and dreamed of a little boy with nut-brown hair and grass-green eyes. A brother, a real one, a friend to call her own. A great wish made of the greatest of love.


“Tell me again,” he said, snuggling closer and rubbing his tired green eyes with a chubby little fist.

Moon Maiden wrapped her arm around his little shoulders and hugged him close. He nestled the top of his head against her side, tickling her arm with his nut-brown hair as she settled in to tell his favorite bedtime story yet again. It was a tale she never tired of.

“Once upon a time my Starling,” she began, pointing to the night sky, to the place both their stories began and feeling that familiar thump of love in her heart. “Once upon a time I wished for you.”

*This story, while definitely fantasy, is actually based on true events my lovelies. My mother did wish upon the moon (or rather moonbeams) for me and with in a month I was conceived (although unlike Moon Maiden, I do have a father lol), and I did pray for a baby brother every night before I went to sleep, until finally I was given one. In a way, this is the story of my family 😀

(P.S. Happy National Siblings Day to my amazing little brother. You were my Great Wish <3)