You Can’t ‘Autumn Into Winter’

I don’t know where I encountered the saying “Spring into Summer and Fall into Winter”, but it crossed my mind yesterday when I was pondering my next blog topic and I couldn’t help but smile knowing that we have now entered my favorite time of year: fall! (Or autumn, as I like to call it, but you can’t ‘Autumn into Winter’, so at least sayings wise I’m stuck with fall.) There isn’t much of an autumn where I live, but I enjoy it in theory as well as the one or two weeks of weather-appropriateness that I am given. There isn’t even a change of color here until winter hits and suddenly all the foliage that isn’t evergreen suddenly drops its leaves and turns a stark ugly brown for the next two to three months. The only visible autumn-related color change is in the stores; suddenly everything is a riot of pumpkin orange, butternut squash yellow, apple red, and chocolate-brown.  I love it! It probably helps that orange is one of my three favorite colors, but still, there is something so evocative in these warm, end of the year hues! It’s like nature’s last burst of bliss before the sleeping months begin, one last chance to show the world whatever beauty you possess before it forgets about you again. Autumn makes me think of home and family, of peanut-butter fudge and pecan-covered caramel apples, of walking downtown in the city I’ve lived in almost all of my life and of horse-drawn carriages, of the sudden burst of a still-warm breeze and the thrill of being cool for the first time in almost a year. Autumn is a time for remembering, for coming home and feeling safe.

(Oh, and if you know where that saying came from, let me know in the comments!)