Falling In Love…With Nicholas Sparks

When I fall, I fall hard my lovelies. Just head over heels, all about you, and where have you been all my life, kinda hard. You know, for books and movies and stuff. Not people, or not yet anyway, lol. But either way, suffice it to say, I can switch from indifference to reverence in mere moments if I find something I like (Les Miserable) and I always love the sensation of being excited and driven to find what it is I want. Now you may be asking yourself why I’m telling you this pointless information that you care absolutely nothing about, and to that I say…I have found a new obsession love, my lovelies.

Happy sigh.

Yesterday I completed my first ever Nicholas Sparks novel (Safe Haven) and now…I have to have another! It was just so good, and fun, and dangerous, with small town Southern charm and new beginnings! I love new beginnings and romance! I mean I’ve always loved his movies, they’re guaranteed gold, but I never bothered to pick up one of the novels before. I worried that the writing wouldn’t be as good as the movie…so foolish, so wrong 😀

A Walk To Remember was my first Sparks movie and from there I was hooked (and slightly heartbroken considering the endings are usually bittersweet and sad). I just loved the story, I loved the love. Though I admit The Notebook has been so over-played that the mere thought of it tends to annoy me, but still, he just has so many good stories! For a while my favorite movie of his was The Lucky One, but I think Safe Haven might edge it out, lol. But AWTR will always have a special place in my heart.

And now I’m left wondering which one I should read next, which one will be another little slice of easy to read perfection? I don’t yet know, but I can’t wait to find out! Do you have a favorite Sparks novel or movie? Let me know!

Image From Google.

Image From Google.