Weekly Photo Challenge: Change

Alright my lovelies, this week the challenge is Change, or more importantly a change in process. I actually really like this challenge, it brought to mind so many wonderful memories and I’m so happy to relive them and share them with you 😀

First, one enormous change just this past year was the wedding of my awesome Bestie to her awesome husband (my Bestie-in-Law as we’ve dubbed one another) earlier this year. In truth, I found the idea of her getting married just as terrifying as I did exciting. I mean, what if our friendship changed? What if he and I didn’t get along (which was a silly fear considering I already thought of him as a great addition to our group lol)? But then, how could I not be happy and excited for one of my most favorite people on the Earth marrying the man who made her happy? And in the end, their marriage did change things, she and he moved further away (a mere hour and a half, but still, no more random visits) and I gained a wonderful Bestie-in-Law, so like in all things, it was a give and take. But ultimately, this change was a thrilling experience — even the scary bits — and I love the results! Besides, I was one awesome Maid of Honor, if I do say so myself.

And I do.


18286_10203361610946759_7353875501169758928_n (3)


And there’s also the fabulous new addition we have to our family this year, my cousin had her first baby a few months ago and I was so thrilled to welcome the first of the next generation of our family into the world! He’s a wonderful, adorable, and downright cute as all get out, change in progress!

Here’s a little picture I snapped at his baby shower:


And of course, one of the biggest changes of my life was the adventure that was my years spent at FSU 😀

fountain pics 022

Any changes in your life my lovelies? Let me know in the comments 😀

Weekly Photo Challenge: Grid

The challenge this week my lovelies is Grid, with an added emphasis on the literal aspect — which I admit I wasn’t too enthused about at first, I mean chain-link fences and bars just don’t sound very exciting or pretty to me. But after searching through my collection of photos, I’m actually quite pleased with the pictures I found. Each one has it’s own unique beauty and there’s something about the grids, the bars in each photo, that gives the impression of separateness, of unattainability, and aloofness that I find wonderfully intriguing.




Weekly Photo Challenge: Intricate

It’s that time again my lovelies and this week’s challenge is Intricate! So let’s get to it 😀

WP_20141026_122 (2)

WP_20141026_124 (2)



Sorry for the lack of posting this week my lovelies, I’ve just been alternately too lazy or too anxious to do anything this week. I have a long hoped-for job interview to go to tomorrow (I’m hoping to be a Library Assistant!!!) and I’ve been dealing with all the nerves that accompany it, so wish me luck please and I’ll try to upload some new posts in the next few days! 😀

Weekly Photo Challenge: Motion

Hello again my lovelies, I hope you’re all having a delightful Saturday/weekend so far! I don’t know about you, but I’m thinking a Robin Hood marathon may be in order… you know, strictly for the historical merit, not because Richard Armitage plays one of the sexiest incompetent bad-guys ever… and the fact that Much pretty much makes me laugh out loud in practically every episode…

But besides all that, it’s once again that time, and this week’s photo challenge is Motion, which usually means blurry in my photo taking capabilities, but since blur was a few weeks ago, I scavenged and scoured until I found a few photos that should do the trick 😀



fountain pics 022


Now what episode did I leave off on? 😀

Weekly Photo Challenge: Early Bird

It’s that time once again my lovelies and this week’s challenge is Early Bird! An interesting little challenge if I do say so myself, so let’s see what I discovered in my photo vaults!



And randomly enough, I do happen to have a picture of some early birds:


And don’t forget to check out my latest (and Borgia inspired!) flash fiction– Cantarella — if you haven’t yet already, and let me know what you think!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Afloat

Sorry about the random absence my lovelies, but our internet went down unexpectedly and I was unprepared for it. I came home one day and it was just gone and I was left freaking out because I had just written two or three posts worth of new Ratha James material and had two or three new posts in mind and then suddenly the internet had disappeared!!! I was left in darkness and boredom for three weeks, missing my lovelies terribly, but all is well and I’m back and the new posts will be up soon 😀 But right now it’s time once again for the Weekly Photo Challenge and this week’s theme is: Afloat. Thank goodness I live in a town by the ocean…




And because I missed them but wanted to contribute:

Last week’s challenge was Blur:



And the week before that was Ephemeral:

10929913_3620503722265_3050408756256728604_n (3)

I’ll have more posts coming soon my lovelies! 😀

Weekly Photo Challenge: Wall

It’s once again that time my lovelies, and this week the challenge is Wall — and boy was it a challenge. I don’t have many pictures of walls my lovelies, let alone interesting pictures of walls lol, but I scoured my horde of photos and found a few I think are worth sharing 😀









Weekly Photo Challenge: Orange

It’s that time once again my lovelies and this week the challenge is Orange, one of my three favorite colors. (Which are green, purple, and, well you know…just in case you were wondering lol!) 😀 So let’s get this thing started!



Marmaduke snail

Me at FSU


Orange Rose

There you have it my lovelies and I hope you feel inspired to share some of your own orange photos (I sadly realized how few orange photos I actually have lol)! And OUAT Season Three Moments will be posted soon — tomorrow mostly likely — so prepare for the greatest Moonstonemaiden list  ever posted…yet!

P.S. The snail was something I discovered one day and nearly flipped out over because of it’s outrageous cuteness, I mean look at that orange shell!!! Needless to say I snapped quite a few photos and then rushed inside to show my mother and brother (who were noticeably less excited than I was I have to admit). After I insisted that we name him — and because all three of us insisted on a different moniker — the poor fellow’s name ended up being the rather dashing: Marmaduke Phteven Sunrise 😀

Weekly Photo Challenge: Reward

If I’m being honest my lovelies, my idea of this week’s photo challenge (Reward) looks a heck of a lot like this:


Image From Google. All Rights Belong To Artist.

Image From Google. All Rights Belong To Artist.

I’m just saying… 😉

Image From Google. All Rights Belong To Artist.

Image From Google. All Rights Belong To Artist.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Symmetry

Hello again my lovelies, it’s once again time for the Weekly Photo Challenge with Symmetry being our goal today! I had to scrounge around for a bit, but I think I found some symmetrical pictures worth sharing, even if one is randomly Christmas themed. But really who doesn’t love a plate full of yummy chocolate-covered pretzels? 😀


WP_20141026_122 (2)



WP_20141026_124 (2)

I love how I snuck the holiday one right in the mix there don’t you? And please don’t forget to check out yesterday’s Valentine’s post, Loving These Epic Romances, if you haven’t already, it’s one EPIC Moonstonemaiden list you don’t want to miss! 😀