Familiar Halloween Haunts

Before I actually start this post, I’d like to take a second and remind everyone that I am not tech savvy by any stretch of the imagination…really, it’s a miracle I figured out how to work this site as well as I have so far! It came to my attention that although I thought I had replied to some comments, in reality I had just written another comment (which doesn’t send a notification to the person I’m replying to, making it look like I’m not answering). I don’t really know how this happened, I thought I clicked reply, but who know’s what I actually clicked…sigh. I fixed this problem and now I know how to reply properly (Huzzah!) and I’m sorry for the mix up. If you take the time to comment, I will reply! Also, I don’t know if you noticed the new background picture as well as the new header (both photo’s I found on Facebook), but just in case you have and were sitting there thinking I have absolutely no eye for complementary colors (I am partially color blind but that’s beside the point lol) I am aware that purple and orange do not really go together. But they are my favorite colors — along with green and there’s green in the forest picture so whoot! — and they calm me, so for now purple and orange will be besties on this page!

Ok, now that that’s out of the way…this is a random blog, but it’s stuff I have on my mind at the moment. I’ll write a real blog post in a day or so 😀

Halloween is just around the corner (Samhain for me but I still love Halloween too) and that means it’s time to pull out the October/November room decor! Plastic pumpkins and cute scarecrows how I’ve missed you since you were replaced by winter decorations last year. It also means it’s getting time to venture downtown again for a caramel apple because let’s face it, it’s just not October until you’ve eaten your first (of many) gooey, completely mouth-watering, pecan-strewn caramel apples. Oh get the chocolate covered, or candy-coated ones if you want but ick…they just seem wrong in so many ways. There’s nothing like sinking your teeth into salty caramel and sweet apple. And getting the apples if part of the adventure for this time of year; it’s far too hot  (for me at least) to be traversing downtown under the glare of the summer sun, but it’s finally cooling off enough to brave the winding trek down the cobblestone roads in search of the perfect autumn treat. It’s a tradition I have revived after years of it lapsing and one I fully intend to keep around for years to come!

Pumpkin Decor

And the familiar beauty of pumpkin patches are springing up everywhere here! I love driving past them, all the lovely orange pumpkins spread out as far as the eye can see (kind of), they just look so happy waiting to be taken home and enjoyed much to the delight of a family. I can’t remember actually going into a pumpkin patch, but I love riding past them, it’s like Christmas lights (which are already being set up of course)! And pumpkin-everything is back finally…bread, ice-cream, pie, and yummy drinks…it’s enough to delight any pumpkin/autumn enthusiast.

Pumpkin Patch Photo Found On Facebook

And while I do not…I repeat, DO NOT, like to scare myself by watching the freaky movies that dominate the air-waves this time of year, I do have a few books and movies that I love to read and watch every October. As silly as it is, I absolutely adore watching Disney’s Halloweentown and it’s spinoff’s, they’re just so fun! And since I am the easiest person to scare, I appreciate the fact the I can enjoy this Halloween movie without losing sleep  because I had to stay awake all night to make sure there wasn’t something waiting to grab me the moment I closed my eyes! But there is a part of me (a really really small part) that enjoys being slightly creeped out this time of year, so I turn faithfully to the amazing Libba Bray’s fantastic Gemma Doyle Trilogy. These books have everything in them: romance, supernatural powers, boarding school, English society, and a subtle but powerful creep factor. I won’t give the story line away but I highly recommend them! I’ve loved them for years and they’ve only gotten better the older I’ve gotten. This year (last night really) I picked up the final book in the trilogy: The Sweet Far Thing and although I only got six or seven chapters in last night, I already felt the goosebumps starting to rise as the story unfolded again! (And Libba Bray had a blog on this site, I don’t know how to insert a link to it, but go look for it and discover her awesome novels for yourself!)

The Sweet Far Thing by Libba Bray.

So what about you guys? Do you have a favorite part of October (besides the candy)? A favorite food, sight, movie, or book perhaps? Let me know and happy October!