Storybrooke, Scotland, and Pumpkin Madness!

Hello again my wonderful lovelies, I told you I’d be back today! Sigh, I’ve missed being here and speaking with you all, don’t get me wrong reading up a storm is delightful and a favorite pastime of mine, but after a while it does get rather lonely — and there’s not much of a creative output just reading lol. So here I am, back with you all again and ready and raring to go!

So just to get reacquainted and back up to date, I think I’m going to do a Things I’m Loving Right Now list and hopefully my thoughts can sort themselves back out so I can get back into the groove of posting regularly and often 😀

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  1. The fourth season of Once Upon a Time – It was well worth the wait my lovelies, and although I was skeptical about the Frozen storyline (it just seemed way too random to have a plotline from a NEW movie enter into an established show), I actually really enjoyed the Elsa and Anna additions. The finale though…wow, now I REALLY can’t wait for the fifth season to begin. Expect to see a Once Upon a Time Moments: Season Four post soon!
  2. #30DaysOfGinny – The Once Upon a Time Instagram account (@onceabcofficial) has been taken over by Snow White herself as she shares candid photos from the set as a count down to the release of the first episode of Season Five on September 27th! I love the awesome behind the scenes glimpses that I get everyday and it truly gives me something OUAT related to look forward to every afternoon! (Go look at the Hook picture…really, trust me…I know right?!)
  3. Outlander – As a fan of the books I have been eagerly awaiting the arrival of this show for almost two years now, especially since I had to wait for it to hit DVD since I don’t have Starz, AND MY GOD IT WAS WORTH THE WAIT! Jamie and Claire are brought beautifully to life and so is their remarkable story spanning the centuries in the mystical, magical land that is Scotland. And Angus, really a remarkable semi-addition that I have already fallen in love with, this series is epic!!! That being said, I have only watched the first half of the season as part two doesn’t release to DVD until the 29th of this month, but I just cannot wait to see how they finish off this amazing book and set the stage for book two! (And I’ve also only read the first four books so far, so for the love of all that is holy, please no spoilers past book four guys!)
  4. Autumn – As a resident of sunny Florida, I am just so thankful for the sudden dip in the weather we’ve had over the past few days, granted it’s been wet (my yard is still semi-flooded) but at least it’s been COOLER!!! Now we just need it to stay this cool before gradually dipping lower and lower until we reach the 60’s…
  5. Pumpkin Madness- Say what you will, but the pumpkin spice latte is back at Starbucks and I am one happy girl!!! There’s nothing like the delightful first taste of fall and to me is that is something Pumpkin-related. I don’t care if you think it’s commercialist, over-blown, pumpkin madness out there, the only way I get to experience fall as a Floridian is through the tasty-treats released this time of year and the colorful decorations sold in stores. I LOVE this time of year, and I LOVE the pumpkin craze!!!
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And there you have it my lovelies, these are the things I’m loving/obsessing over right now (you know, besides being back here in the blogosphere with you all again!). I’d love to hear what you’re loving right now though, so leave me a comment and let me know! Have you seen Outlander? Did you enjoy it? Have you totally fallen in love with Jamie Fraser? Are you a pumpkin fan? And what about that OUAT finale?!!! Let me know!


On The Horizon…


Hello my lovelies!!! I’ve missed you all like crazy in my (latest) absence (I have an excuse I swear!) and look forward to catching up with you all 😀 I’ve been on a bit of a reading binge, for like 8 months now, just reading, reading, reading EVERYTHING until about a month ago when I abruptly stopped, took a breath, and began thinking once more of my lovely place here on the blogosphere. I realize posting this late isn’t ideal so expect to hear from me again soon my lovelies, tomorrow most like, and we’ll have a nice catch-up and I’ll dish about my latest obsessions, aka loves (Outlander’s Jamie Fraser, Season Four of OUAT and more…)! See y’all tomorrow 😀

Falling In Love…With Nicholas Sparks

When I fall, I fall hard my lovelies. Just head over heels, all about you, and where have you been all my life, kinda hard. You know, for books and movies and stuff. Not people, or not yet anyway, lol. But either way, suffice it to say, I can switch from indifference to reverence in mere moments if I find something I like (Les Miserable) and I always love the sensation of being excited and driven to find what it is I want. Now you may be asking yourself why I’m telling you this pointless information that you care absolutely nothing about, and to that I say…I have found a new obsession love, my lovelies.

Happy sigh.

Yesterday I completed my first ever Nicholas Sparks novel (Safe Haven) and now…I have to have another! It was just so good, and fun, and dangerous, with small town Southern charm and new beginnings! I love new beginnings and romance! I mean I’ve always loved his movies, they’re guaranteed gold, but I never bothered to pick up one of the novels before. I worried that the writing wouldn’t be as good as the movie…so foolish, so wrong 😀

A Walk To Remember was my first Sparks movie and from there I was hooked (and slightly heartbroken considering the endings are usually bittersweet and sad). I just loved the story, I loved the love. Though I admit The Notebook has been so over-played that the mere thought of it tends to annoy me, but still, he just has so many good stories! For a while my favorite movie of his was The Lucky One, but I think Safe Haven might edge it out, lol. But AWTR will always have a special place in my heart.

And now I’m left wondering which one I should read next, which one will be another little slice of easy to read perfection? I don’t yet know, but I can’t wait to find out! Do you have a favorite Sparks novel or movie? Let me know!

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Escaping Into Books

Hello my lovelies, I hope y’all had a great firework-filled Independence Day yesterday! Mine was comprised of chili cheese dogs, sweet tea, and movies with the family (National Treasure anyone!) 😀
I’m sorry I haven’t posted the last two months, *sheepish grin* it’s mostly due to sheer laziness I admit, but I have been reading up a storm, so that’s what I’m going to blame it on, lol. From Nora Roberts to Diana Gabaldon to Melissa de la Cruz, I’ve been immersed in exotic locations with sexy characters, danger, romance, and magic (which is not a bad way to spend two months, you have to admit)! But all that aside, it’s time to get back to regular posting, so expect some goodies next week 😀
Now before I go for today, I have to say a big thank you to the Daily Post and it’s bloggers for showcasing my 50 Word Challenge entry alongside some awesome others. It truely made my day and I promptly ran around my house and told everyone how excited I was! So thank you!!!

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