A Rose Bound

Image From Google. All Rights Belong To Artist.

Image From Google. All Rights Belong To Artist.

A Rose Bound

In the labyrinth there’s a castle,

where a bed of roses lie,

thick and bright and color-strewn,

arching turrets to the sky.


I see you there, in my sleeping mind,

a shadow in the brightest light,

cloaked in crimson, rich as blood,

beckoning me in from coming night.


Come to me, come to me,

your voice echoes low on the wind,

come to me, come to  me,

to our story now, we must tend.


Come to me, run to me,

gasping, my heart begins to pound,

come to me, find love with me,

become the rose to which I’m bound.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Orange

It’s that time once again my lovelies and this week the challenge is Orange, one of my three favorite colors. (Which are green, purple, and, well you know…just in case you were wondering lol!) 😀 So let’s get this thing started!



Marmaduke snail

Me at FSU


Orange Rose

There you have it my lovelies and I hope you feel inspired to share some of your own orange photos (I sadly realized how few orange photos I actually have lol)! And OUAT Season Three Moments will be posted soon — tomorrow mostly likely — so prepare for the greatest Moonstonemaiden list  ever posted…yet!

P.S. The snail was something I discovered one day and nearly flipped out over because of it’s outrageous cuteness, I mean look at that orange shell!!! Needless to say I snapped quite a few photos and then rushed inside to show my mother and brother (who were noticeably less excited than I was I have to admit). After I insisted that we name him — and because all three of us insisted on a different moniker — the poor fellow’s name ended up being the rather dashing: Marmaduke Phteven Sunrise 😀

Tam Lin

Image From Google. All Rights Belong To The Artist.

Image From Google.
All Rights Belong To The Artist.

Leaves darken to red

the night draws ever closer

soon Tam Lin will ride.


Pluck a rose Janet

draw your lover to your side

a kiss before death.


Hell awaits Tam Lin

chosen of the Fairie Queen —

stand ready to fight.


Pull him from his horse

hold tight—never let him go

he is yours to lose.

This poem was originally published on 10/10/2012