A Thistle in the Sky

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I saw your thistle in the sky today,

cottony white against a fierce blue sky,

Scottish even now, it made me smile.


I notice your cardinals fly around me,

in those moments when I need you most,

red and bright, glorious in life.


I hear your voice in my dreams,

speaking advice and sage counsel,

reminding me of lessons past and learned.


Thank you for thinking of me.

Thank you for loving me.

I love you too,


Fallen Angel

Oh Fallen Angel

Sweet incarnation of innocence,

How did you plummet thus far,

So far from the golden gates of Heaven,

Once your home after many weary lives?

Did your silken-feather wings,

A precious gift from God indeed,

Forget in a moment’s breath how to soar?

Oh White Light of God,

She-one touched by the warrior Goddess,

How did you lose yourself

Not once, but twice in pain and torment?

What could be so terrible,

As to have caused a suffering such as this?

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Image From Google