Weekly Photo Challenge: Refraction

This week’s photoĀ challenge my lovelies is Refraction, a harder one I think they’ll never find šŸ˜‰Ā I finally found some suitable pictures and they’re all from the Suwannee Dining room at FSU, aka my food-based home away from homeĀ šŸ˜€


I’ll never forget walking in there for the first timeĀ duringĀ Orientation. I was flat-out exhausted and so terrified/excited for the coming years andĀ Ā not really paying too much attention to either the food or the dĆ©cor, but my dad just kept staring and turning around in his seat like a nutter before finally saying “Tara, it’s just like Hogwarts! You get to eat in Hogwarts everyday!”


So yeah, I totally went to Hogwarts…


To eat anyway!