The Lure of the Unknown…

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Hello my lovelies, hopefully you’re having a lovely and relaxed Sunday morning/afternoon (Vampire Diaries marathon anyone?). I’ve been busy making breakfast — cheesy omelets and sweet tea, mmm southern goodness — playing on Pottermore, and now I’m settling back to watch some good old Damon and Elena love/hate/drama fest, season four edition! Delena fan forever people ❤

But vampire love triangles and angst aside, you’ve probably noticed I’ve given the blog a little facelift. I got bored last night and the urge for change was just too much so I just had to tinker! I think the new look is more mysterious than the last, a bit more unknown and magical as opposed to a faery land.  I’m always a bit slow to change things because I like knowing when you visit the site, you feel welcome and at home, but I also don’t want Moonstonemaiden to get stagnant because I’m a bit like Stewie and can’t handle change. Really, I almost had a fit the other day when I noticed my brother moved icons on my desktop, I just, I just can’t…

But sometimes I actually do crave something new and here’s the result lol. So I want to know what you think my lovelies, do you like the new look or do you miss the old? Can you appreciate the lure of the unknown? Shall we take a walk on the wild side together? Let me know! 😀

Captive In The Beast’s Forest

“You’ve been kidnapped and given a choice: would you rather be stranded on an island, dropped into an unknown forest, or locked in a strange building?” — The Daily Prompt, Captive’s Choice.

As soon as I read the Daily Prompt this morning my lovelies, I was irresistibly drawn to the idea of being left to fend for myself in the wilds of a beautiful — yet frightening — forest, completely alone, with only the bounty of nature, the tingle of uncertainty, the prickle of fear, and the exquisite sexy allure of the unknown to accompany me.

To me, nothing is sexier than the unknown, the unexplored, the infinite what may be’s that lie ahead, filling us with hope and the desire to keep going, to keep living and dreaming no matter what.

Who knows…perhaps there is someone waiting for me in the forest. A prince under a beastly curse. A castle waiting to awaken. A future I’ve always dreamt about. Destiny. Fate. Love.

What if…

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