Here There Be Snakes!

Ok my lovelies, I’ll have a real post for you tomorrow but today I just wanted to share with you a little snippet of humor I experienced last night! Oh and I just want to apologize for the last week or two if two of each of my posts have been showing up in your Reader but only one being clickable. What can I say, WordPress is giving me hell and not posting right, but I am sorry πŸ˜€ And when in doubt, usually click the second link! But ok I promised you a funny, so here you go, (it was my Facebook status last night after I calmed down enough to type lol):

That moment you go outside in flip-flops and are confronted with a snake on your porch blocking your retreat and must resort to flashlight code and wildly elaborate hand signals to get the people inside to notice your distress and reopen the door wide enough for you to barrel back in like a freight train with the leaping grace of a gazelle, but not wide enough to let the snake inside the house…oh yeah.

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