Monday Movie: The Young Victoria

I’ll have a new Monday Movie next week!


Hello my lovelies, it’s time once again for Monday Movies and this week I’ve chosen the incredibly moving and cinematically beautiful gem: The Young Victoria, starring the beautiful Emily Blunt, Rupert Friend, and Paul Bettany. The film showcases the early struggles of Britain’s longest reigning monarch, from her youth as a overprotected and stifled young woman, to the dangers of her first turbulent years and Queen, as well as the touching romance with her husband Prince Albert. With its dazzling mix of danger, power struggles, court intrigue, political unrest, romance, and above all: life — the realism of beauty, frustrations, and pain of life — The Young Victoria is nothing short of sheer perfection!

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Emily Blunt’s portrayal of a young and newly empowered young woman is stunning, she adds layer after convincing layer of realism to a woman who inspired an entire era. She artfully displays the impetuousness of…

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