Mythic Snow

I have something to admit…I’ve never seen snow before. *Gasp* I know! Here I am in my twenties and I’ve still never seen more than a single flurry of snow, and that little flurry was such a big deal my second grade teacher stopped the entire class on our way to lunch that day and had us gather around to stare with bated breath at the awesomeness that you could barely see floating in the wind. It’s a memory I treasure, though it makes me thing of that scene in Finding Nemo I swear. (If you don’t know what scene I’m referring to you can remedy that by clicking here.)  A part of me still wonders if snow’s just a hoax/conspiracy thing, because…well I’ve never seen it and it looks too good to be true (you know, except for the whole blizzard and avalanche thing). I mean, I’m sure it’s real (it is real right?) and I have big dreams of one day building a snowman and an ice-fort, but in a way snow and icicles seem as mythic and fantastical to me as dragons and mermaids do to other people. I fully believe in them, I’ve just never seen them either, lol. I’m now sensing a bit of a theme here…I seriously need to go somewhere where they have snow, and dragons, and mermaids…are you thinking what I’m thinking?! Let’s book the tickets!

Photo From Facebook

Photo From Facebook

Funnily enough though, my first novel Believe is set almost entirely in the winter in an England-esque environment and is therefore filled with snow and freezing winds and all that delightful wintry stuff that I have yet to experience. I always found it amusing that while I was writing those snow scenes and describing how cold it was…it was the middle of summer for me and I was usually sweating my butt off! But hey, I’m a writer! And if a writer can’t pull BS out of nowhere and make it sound believable then they’re in the wrong profession or they didn’t get enough practice in college! You English majors know what I mean. But still, I can’t wait to one day experience snow for myself, to touch it, smell it, avoid the yellow stuff, and generally have a sensory overload and then come back inside and sip hot chocolate by a roaring fire. Cliche…maybe, but I’m betting I’ll be so cold I won’t mind. 😀

Photo From Facebook

Photo From Facebook

So what about y’all? Any fun snow experiences you’d like to share? Or do you have doubts as to the existence of snow as well?

16 thoughts on “Mythic Snow

  1. Yay! Another person who has not seen snow before. Neither have I but I’m traveling to Switzerland tomorrow and looking forward to seeing some for the first time!

  2. No snow?! You have to go somewhere that frequents snow just once in your life to get the effect. Find your nearest snow mountain and book a trip.
    Where I grew up, there was a good snow every…5 years? And when I was a kid snow meant playtime. School was out and snowball fights replaced bike riding. Loved it.

  3. You’re not the only one who never saw the snow. Coincidentally, I recently put up a post about that very topic. Most of us who live in it during winter months are inured to it and accept it as one of the season’s beautiful hazards, not once considering that a lot of people in tropic climates have never experienced it.

  4. When I was in middle school, my class took a trip to the East Coast in the early spring. It was the coldest spring they’d had in a long time and a bunch of kids from Hawaii suddenly had to deal with winter clothes and snow. It was a blast! We even built snowmen and had a snowball fight, and it’s something we still talk about.

    • That sounds like so much fun! When I went to college, the city my universtiy was in had a different kind of winter than I was used to, (it didn’t snow that I saw, but it was a harsher type of dry cold if that makes any sense) and I had to buy a winter coat for the first time and had no idea where in the world to buy one! We always just used sweatshirts and wind-breakers lol 😀

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  6. I grew up in CT, and we had a lot of fun snow experiences. But my most recent memory is from Oregon, when we went camping and had a snow ball fight on July 5th. It was a blast!

    Snow is great and a lot of fun, as long as you don’t have to shovel it. And if you do, then it’s pretty much required to drink hot chocolate afterwards. 🙂

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